Daily Archives: June 16, 2020

Gov. Whitmer Begs POTUS for Bailout of Nasty Nessel’s Womanmade Disaster

Gov. Whitmer, and AG Nessel’s agendas never once hit pause so, The Man is called upon to bail them out. This serves as lesson for those who vote Democrat.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Monday requested a major disaster declaration from President Donald Trump for $245 million in damage widespread flooding caused in five Michigan counties last month.

The damage done in Midland, Gladwin, Arenac, Iosco and Saginaw counties amounted to roughly $190 million in losses for residents and $55 million in damage to public infrastructure, according to the 50-page request Whitmer sent to Trump on Monday.

Not going to bore anyone with restating all the details here, however, the dam breached one day before Whitmer and Nasty Nessel wasted what could’ve been helpful resources to aid folks whose lives were destroyed, just to have their foot soldiers write tickets at a field barbershop, while also 19 days prior suing to raise the dam’s water levels because, yannow, mussels mentioned 38 times.

Just like we’ve seen that Gov. Whitmer lies, now we do with Nasty Nessel, too.

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