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Has to be Fake News Because, Gov. Whitmer Said….

Remember this?

Headline: State has ‘complete confidence’ in 4 employees who chose COVID-19 vendors

The contract with Great Lakes Community Engagement was signed Monday, but the language indicates the work start date was April 1 with an end date of June 1.

Whitmer said Tuesday the contract was an “unnecessary distraction” from Michigan’s coronavirus response.

“The Department of Health and Human Services doesn’t have a political bone in their theoretical body,” she said.

Oh? So what in the Whitmer administration is this.

You Betcha! (11)Nuh Uh.(0)

Federal Investigation to Begin on Gov. Whitmer’s COVID-19 Positive Mandate for Elder/LTC Facilities

Follow along to contrast what miraculously appears in our local corporate ‘news’ media within hours of Rep. Scalise’s announcement.

Rep. Scalise’s closing statement viewed HERE.

It’s safe to say Gov. Whitmer is tasked with an indefensible job just trying to keep her stories straight.

That’s the problem when someone operates on nothing but lies, fabrications, and smears. Seriously, even Biden wants nothing to do with Gretchen and, for a creepy dude like Joe, that’s saying a LOT.

Now remember, Rep. Scalise spoke on June 11, right?

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What They Won’t Tell You

Narrative by omission or simply careless?

A week ago the BLM nonsense made its way into our own neighborhood.

I received a call from the Sheriff prior to the rally held Saturday as he was reaching out to local activists and performing due diligence.  In my case it was pretty simple, he wanted to reach one of the counter protest organizers, and I simply had the phone number for said organizer.

The Sheriff explained that there would be a lot of folks there, but the police presence would probably outnumber the gathering crowd.  As it turned out, the crowd WAS quite large, and all the followers who have been brainwashed into thinking ‘systemic racism’ is a thing, showed up to kumbiya with whomever would listen.

Somehow they talked the heads of the local police into speaking and (in my opinion) grovel a little to appease the people who were going city to city calling for their extinction.  The Sheriff for his part later said he was surprised and disappointed when the list of demands were made.

The demands are as follows:

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