Federal Investigation to Begin on Gov. Whitmer’s COVID-19 Positive Mandate for Elder/LTC Facilities

Follow along to contrast what miraculously appears in our local corporate ‘news’ media within hours of Rep. Scalise’s announcement.

Rep. Scalise’s closing statement viewed HERE.

It’s safe to say Gov. Whitmer is tasked with an indefensible job just trying to keep her stories straight.

That’s the problem when someone operates on nothing but lies, fabrications, and smears. Seriously, even Biden wants nothing to do with Gretchen and, for a creepy dude like Joe, that’s saying a LOT.

Now remember, Rep. Scalise spoke on June 11, right?

Poof! PFM, corporate ‘news’ media’s Karen ( comically ironic, I know) Bouffard, from a Digital First Media publication on June 12, 2020, pushes this.

Headline: British study: Whitmer stay-home orders saved lives, perhaps tens of thousands

Sorry folks, am not going to waste everyone’s time with the discredited “Researchers at Imperial College London and Oxford University.” For anyone with a memory longer than the corona-droning 36 hour Fake News cycle, we know it was they who created the bogus, fear-mongering with junk modeling that the Democrat Party used to crash our economy, and to this day with maintaining it at a profitless 50% operating level handicap within most small businesses.

March 26, 2020: The Scientist Whose Doomsday Pandemic Model Predicted Armageddon Just Walked Back The Apocalyptic Predictions

Even more embarrassing for the Imperial College of London?

May 5, 2020: British Scientist Neil Ferguson, Whose Wildly Wrong Coronavirus Model Prompted US, UK Lockdowns, Resigns After Caught Breaking Social Distancing Rules With Married Lover

The obnoxious in-your-face mentality reminds one of a particular Michigan resident with boat issues, and just a week ago Friday, was out virtue signaling while violating her own orders, yes?

Dan Bongino’s tweet indeed does speak the Truth with what is presented by agenda corporate* Fake News propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

Big h/t to Dan Bongino for bringing attention to this. You want real news? Visit the man’s website.

An aside.

*all corporations are pandering liberal cesspools. Where does that ‘corporate culture’ come from? Well, if you observed… be the psychobabble, and not the Salt of the Earth, right? Truly is an incestuous culture. That’s the big corporate monies and campus liberal mental-masturbation indoctrination behind what drives politically correct policy.

Speaking of political correctness…

Bummer. The Democrats use black people again. The jury is still out for now, however, one really can’t see how the Democrat Party, with its governors and, mayors that are aligned with domestic terrorist Antifa, and now, exposed shell organization Black Lives Matter not to Democrats but the money does, this scheme of theirs playing out well for them come November 3, 2020.

143 days is a lot of time for real opinion to crystallize.

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  1 comment for “Federal Investigation to Begin on Gov. Whitmer’s COVID-19 Positive Mandate for Elder/LTC Facilities

  1. Jason
    June 13, 2020 at 12:02 pm

    Biden Bottoms seems legit. I mean from a Bumper Sticker angle anyhow.

    Not a good year for the Big Gretch though. And she deserves all the misery she hath wrought.

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