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At This Moment, Gretchen Whitmer and Jocelyn Benson Knew They had to Steal the Election From Bernie

How embarrassing….

Yep, 200 people. 🤣

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One of the disturbing things that I’ve come across while taking care of a troubling computer issue this weekend (“troubled computer” in question now dealt with in a very cathartic manner), is the number of people who are not aware of the OTHER issues on the ballot on Tuesday.

In between what can literally be described as the “chicken little” mentality in the MSM regarding yet another bug going around (practice basic hygiene…problem solved), very little (if any) coverage has been given to the other issues down ballot whose supporters are hoping that you either a.) not notice, or b.) just don’t bother showing up to vote at all.

I’m going to do a quick recap on what’s at stake.

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Operation Chaos

To Chaos or NOT to Chaos?

THAT is the question.

Crazy Bernie, Creepy Joe or ??

The Democrats selection is decidedly bottom-of-the-barrel in 2020, and one might think that Trump easily rolls through 48 of the 50 states come November.  Logic would suggest that with nothing to offer but old white guys who pander to extreme leftist demographics, the Democrat presidential picks might not see any successes this year.

But logic doesn’t seem to work anymore, and as long as the fake-news continues to promote the agenda of bizarro world politics, it may be some time until things settle down.  Biden, who clearly and unequivocally did what Trump was impeached* for, and Bernie, who literally honeymooned in communist Russia and considers Castro’s Cuba to have successes are the choices for Dems.  Just like everyone else, we can ignore Tulsi Gabbard, because the press conveniently does as well. (truthfully, she would have been their most dangerous choice, heheh)

Michigan, of course is poised to set the tone for the remainder of the Democrat’s selection process.  Whichever one of these Fascists/communists takes Michigan will be hard to beat for the remainder of their selection process.  Michigan will report first tomorrow, and the rest of the country will likely fall in line.

So what does a conscientious GOP voter do?

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Deh Skeered

Like clockwork….

On March 27th Michelle Obama is hitting the campaign trail in the key battleground state of Michigan claiming that she is just trying to boost voter turnout.

Michelle Obama is co-chair for the group “When We All Vote,” and is going to host a rally at the University of Detroit, the tickets are free, but it is not open to the general public.

Anyhoo, welcome baaaaaaaaaaaaack.

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Lock N Load – Video

Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners approves 2nd amendment 'sanctuary' status.

The Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners by a vote of 4-2, approved a largely symbolic measure Wednesday protect the second Amendment after a 4 hour debate.

This video shows Randy Bishop presenting the concept to County commissioners and the overflowing crowd in attendance.

The effort started after the Mike Bloomberg funded Virginia legislator turnover revealed a devastating and anti constitutional plot to remove guns from law abiding citizens of that state.

As we all know Gretchen Whitmer is no friend to gun owners and has already attempted to exert her will through the regulatory appointment process.  Fortunately for sportsmen and gun owners her efforts were thwarted.

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Windsock Whitmer Afraid of Upsetting Sanders Supporters

It’s obvious that Gretchen knows she is wildly unpopular even within her own rigged primary party.

The first-term governor made the comments a day after former Vice President Joe Biden won a majority of the 14 states that voted on Super Tuesday and six days before Michigan’s Tuesday election.

Who is Whitmer trying to kid? It’s as if Gretchen thinks Michiganians are either stupid or have short memories.

Sorry Bernie, you ain’t getting Gretchen’s endorsement.

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Gary, Gary, Quite Contrary

Leave it to Michigan Dems to politicize a flu bug created in China, while pushing for open borders….

Remember folks, this mental midwit above was silent in the U.S. House of Representatives when Bathhouse Barry did nothing about H1N1 from Mexico for six months:

The duplicity, lies and, contempt for Americans that grows by the day within the Democratic Party is just staggering, yes?

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