Operation Chaos

To Chaos or NOT to Chaos?

THAT is the question.

Crazy Bernie, Creepy Joe or ??

The Democrats selection is decidedly bottom-of-the-barrel in 2020, and one might think that Trump easily rolls through 48 of the 50 states come November.  Logic would suggest that with nothing to offer but old white guys who pander to extreme leftist demographics, the Democrat presidential picks might not see any successes this year.

But logic doesn’t seem to work anymore, and as long as the fake-news continues to promote the agenda of bizarro world politics, it may be some time until things settle down.  Biden, who clearly and unequivocally did what Trump was impeached* for, and Bernie, who literally honeymooned in communist Russia and considers Castro’s Cuba to have successes are the choices for Dems.  Just like everyone else, we can ignore Tulsi Gabbard, because the press conveniently does as well. (truthfully, she would have been their most dangerous choice, heheh)

Michigan, of course is poised to set the tone for the remainder of the Democrat’s selection process.  Whichever one of these Fascists/communists takes Michigan will be hard to beat for the remainder of their selection process.  Michigan will report first tomorrow, and the rest of the country will likely fall in line.

So what does a conscientious GOP voter do?

This guy is going to vote for Trump.  I have never been able to bring myself to lay down any support for people who are simply rotting from the head down.  I would have to live with the shame, and I can barely manage dealing with my lesser sins.

Some however, might consider the following to be a guide if so inclined to pick up the enemy ballot (as is your wont) and cast to weaken the other side.  Below are advantages and disadvantages to consider for each of the candidates if they were selected.

Biden Advantages to Democrats in November

  • There are a lot of people who stupidly believe Biden to be ‘moderate.’  They do not see him as radical as Bernie, and believe he will govern more like Clinton.
  • Some #TDS suffering Repubs will vote for Biden thinking the above.
  • Biden will likely give the presidency to whomever is the VP within a short period of time due to any number of mental issues.
  • Blacks generally like Biden.  Because of his association with Barack and nonstop pandering.

Biden Disadvantages to Democrats in November

  • Biden is a groper.  Videos will be plentiful showing him sniffing, touching, and caressing young ladies and girls.  Though we have all seen them, we will be reminded daily of them, IF the news channel allow such ads to propagate.
  • Biden is a walking gaff factory.  He rarely knows where he is anymore.  And as this election season continues, he is being seen as a poster child for Alzheimer research.  He will be presented as dangerous to the nation by any responsible opposition effort.
  • He loves high taxes and has said so.
  • His corruption will be revealed as the year goes on.

Bernie Advantages to Democrats in November

  • Bernie has an energized base.  The most dangerous people in politics are those who attract mostly old commies and young dumb kids who have been indoctrinated in schools run by old commies.  They will come out and fight for Bernie
  • He is Santa Claus.  Everything is a right, and he would make sure that no one pays for anything worth anything anymore.  Those old commie run schools have made the debt forgiveness a priority!  Free School, Medicine, and transportation comrade!
  • Fully 30-40% of our nation is now willing to elect a communist/socialist
  • Russia will probably help him.

Bernie Disadvantages to Democrats in November

  • He would lose Florida.  His comments on Castro will also carry many Florida Dem congress critters into oblivion.  I believe he might also affect California vote totals significantly as well. (negatively)
  • Never Trumper #TDS suffering Republicans cannot yet bring themselves to punish Trump by voting for Venezuelan style socialism.  They will NOT vote for him, and his base is what it is.
  • Bernie would destroy moderate congressional hopes for Democrats.  They could not in good conscience be Bernie supporters, and would lose national support, and votes.  Bernie as a nominee would give congress to the GOP in numbers never seen before.
  • Bernie would be destroyed daily by targeted advertising with images of Cuba, and Venezuela both before and after socialism destroyed their countries.

So what to do?

Tomorrow is Michigan’s primary and as an open primary anyone can vote by pulling one side or the other.  Would stepping over to the dark side benefit the country by potentially placing the most dangerous ideas and Bernie on an equal platform with constitutional Republican ideas at election time?  Would the soft socialism of Joe Biden be safer ..just in case?

Chaos we have.  Anything goes anymore it seems.  What you do you tomorrow, you will simply have to live with.

Happy voting.




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  1 comment for “Operation Chaos

  1. Corinthian Scales
    March 10, 2020 at 2:02 pm

    Yah, it's a real quagmire, especially, when looking at the stunt Crying Chuck just pulled on two he named in SCOTUS and, the best our side can muster up is 15 in the Senate? That's disgusting because if it were the other way around, I know damn well every Democrat would be a cosponsor.

    In the end, I believe chaos is just that- chaos. I'm choosing not to participate in that and, let their poorly chosen hand of cards fall where they may.


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