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35%…How do we really know???…


The conservative base has never truly measured itself in Michigan nor anywhere else. Perhaps some sort of yardstick is in order, say…in November. True conservatives I tend to network with have had enough of the establishment definition. An organized effort to measure the strength of the disenfranchised base might therefore be in order. I have a suggestion.

An accurate ‘head count’ of the principled portion of the MIGOP can only be had in one way…an organized ‘boycott’ by vote. Staying home doesn’t count in the final tallies, neither does a blank spot on any particular space on any ballot. What is required for a ‘hard count’ is a place on the ballot to voice an objection. That place would be a “Write-in” space in certain particular races where the only principled choice might be “None of the above”. The name would be irrelevant, the space on the ballot totally relevant.

This exercise in democracy might prove very interesting indeed, as many Democrats of basic conservative values might find the spaces in those races appealing also. It should be noted that in the last election (a Presidential election) Dr. Dan beat Gary McDowell by less that 2,500 votes. Now our illustrious VA doctor has a real veteran challenger running against him, Jerry Cannon’s warts aside. Imagine the damage this cycle could inflict on a RINO incumbent, facing a real and money backed (Lon Johnson’s in charge, remember)  challenger, with Mr/Ms Brand X also running as a write-in.  There are many advantages to this plan of action, the first being an officially recorded count of dissatisfied  voters…of all ranks.  The second would be the forcing of a hand count of ballots,  electronic “Tom Foolery” foiled.  In the end, the official results would show just how strong in numbers “Brand X” really is.

For the candidates, it is a no brainer…no funds to raise, speeches to give, dinners to pretend to enjoy…just a day trip to Lansing to formally file.  All anyone would need would be some gas money and a name folks could remember and spell correctly.  The internet would take care of the rest.  Maybe some of the more radical activists could throw a BBQ or two to have a few signs printed up that read:  “WRITE IN (your name here) for Congress/State Rep/State Senate/Governor

“paid for by the committee to elect no one”


Let’s see the establishment find a way around that.




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Balls and Boobs – The Michigan Race for the US Senate

Gary Peters' War on a Woman

Gary Peters is a meanie.  I mean if he were a Republican running against a Democrat woman he’d be called a Bigot.  He’d be called a misogynist, a bastard, a limp-wristed woman-beater.  Gary Peters would be called shiftless, a career politician, a Wall Street predator, a piece of worthless cow shit.  But, since Gary Peters is a Democrat, I am the only one who would call him such things.  M-Live, The Free Press, Tim Skubick and the whores in the Liberal media call Terri Land all these things.  She hates women, she’s rich, she’s bought and paid for by outside interests, she loves rich people, etc etc.

Ball-less Wonder

Peters Has no Masculine Side

I do see Terri Land as attacking a woman in this race because Gary Peters has no testicles.  The sagging chin and the shifty eyes pay tribute to the baby-killing Marxist that he is.  All Marxists like Peters have no will, no strength, no integrity, no balls.  Terri Land on the other hand, has large balls.  She’s picking on a girl here.  No, that’s insulting to women…Peters is a gelding.  His handler, Barack Obama, has his balls in a lockbox, to borrow a term.  Peters is all Cap and Trade and DREAM Act and Obamacare and other Marxist pogroms.  Whatever independence Peters had died long ago in NY on Wall Street.  He’s used to being told what to do and he fills the role beautifully.  I guess if you want a kowtowing, brainless, worthless marionette in the US Senate who will lie down with his ass in the air for Obama, you’ve got it in Peters.

Peters is a devout Communist.  His stance on how much he loves baby-killing is right in line with the Democrat platform.  He never met a violent illegal immigrant that he didn’t want to steal money from taxpayers for.  He’s all in for keeping blacks as servants to the state.  He loves tyranny, dysfunction, destruction, cowardice, greed, apathy, ignorance and slavery.  He’s a great Democrat.  He worked hand in hand to increase CAFE standards with the biggest job killer in US history, John Dingell.  Jennifer Granholm, his other mentor, is second, but Dingell worked for 50 years to kill nearly 750,000 UAW jobs.  You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but Peters can blow a Marxist with the best of them – even female Marxists like Granholm.

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liberty_tree     The Tea Party is dead! Long Live the GOP!

OK. I took a Day off to relax, unwind and Clean my car. Ignored FB and the News.

Forget the Mantra of the last 2 weeks of “Calley the Tea Party Ally”, forget the Rhetoric of “I oppose common core, despite stumping for it statewide, and pledging to be the tie breaking vote, Forget the sudden Anti Common Core conversion. Forget the PTL Support tactic of trying to inform the Tea Party, while keeping the General Press in the dark. Calley’s win is now a supposedly True blue endorsement of the establishment Policy pograms.

The reports are that the Tea Party lost at the Convention. Pure Bobby Schostak.

It cost Snyder/Calley a rumored $2.3 MILLION dollars to Identify and PURGE Conservative delegates from the Floor. Yet Wes still managed to get 1/3rd of the vote. Despite all the ID programs, Polls, robocalls, and County convention shenanigans. Rick Snyder Photo shoot during Wes’s Nomination, trying to block Floor access to the stage for his supporters, He still pulled 35%.

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Canvas & The Wind Blowing

Hot air, rhetoric, and special interest conflates into a false idea of what inclusion truly is.

Big tent arguments have been the mainstay of Right Michigan since it’s inception.

commentaryBefore reading it I wasn’t sure where it might go.  But I found a worthwhile essay by Jack Spencer at Cap Con wrapped up in this way:

” Based on recent polling, neither major political party in this nation can, with a straight face, claim to have a “big tent” appeal. For years polling has shown that voters tend to want smaller government and to see government more as a problem than as a solution. Make no mistake about it; both of these sentiments are joined at the hip with the fear of freedom and liberty diminishing.

Theoretically this should be an advantage for Republicans. But in recent years it has been an advantage Republicans love to speak to but very rarely deliver on. “

Its worth noting that either party’s impetus for promoting THEIR version is the use of a large hammer; “smaller government” claim noted

To ‘promote’ business, claims of job creation aided-by-government is necessary, or to ‘promote’ a living wage for workers, control of those business entities is paramount. Is this a false populism of sorts? Neither party properly embraces truly free markets, true liberty, or lower government intervention.

Its worth reading the rest.

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1,826 Days

Acknowledging that 5 years ago today, our nation became a better place.


Congratulations on the sobriety, Lion of the Cemetery.

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State Convention Notes

Snyder gets his man…reprise…


The state GOP elite marshaled its forces over the summer with the intention of protecting the Lt. Governor, and they succeeded. While the voting delegate count remained static, the outcome was reversed in comparison with the 2012 result that replaced Saul Anuzis in a conservative push that nearly unseated State Chair Bobby Schostak. A victory for the incumbent regime, or is it? With Common Core looming, and the the tie breaking vote on the Medicaid Expansion in Calley’s political resume’ , the conservative wing of the party may not be finished yet. There is still the November election.

The nomination of Wes Nakagiri was not just a symbolic gesture on the part of conservatives in the Republican party, it was a message to the established leadership that something has to change, and soon. The party has had four years to absorb the conservative message, and has chosen to reject it on a consistent basis. Rules changes for the nomination process were designed to discourage candidates from entering the political fray, not encourage them, and to further the debate. Nakagiri overcame all of them but in the end, the packing of the delegate convention with establishment types; including Lansing staffers; preserved the big government, “little tent” leadership. The decision, and effort, to exclude the conservative base from the party conversation has never been more obvious.

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Sunday Open Thread – After Convention Edition

Good morning. Start the conversation.

The convention is over.

west-jasonAs usual, there is much to talk about as those of us who attend, rest up, decompress, etc.   Snyder got his ‘conservative’ to run with again, the U of M regent race mixed it up a little differently than some might have expected, and there is a renewed impetus to get behind Terri Lynn Land.

A quick summary of my own thoughts

  • Snyder-Calley yuck ticket.  Missed opportunity and a race to watch (shades of Romney; w/6 million sitting on hands) in disappointment.
  • Land moved to top of ticket and should stay away from embracing the homophile agenda or risk losing remaining conservatives.
  • Ruth Johnson is still THIS VOTER’s top of ticket.
  • U of M ticket construct may have made it possible for MiGOP to win Regent races as well as assist in higher ups (reverse coattails)
  • Sakwa Foster Ticket may even do well this time.

I will try to elaborate tonight or tomorrow.


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A Convention Prayer

We are in need of guidance at the least, and maybe of a 'family intervention' otherwise.

I offered a prayer for the election August 5th.

Some might ask me with a level of expected incredulity “did it work!?” To which there is only one answer. Yes of course it did. And I will pray again for the same guidance and outcome of what is part of His plan.

Father God above

We know that it is by your grace that man pursues what is right and just. We know that absent reliance of your word, there is only chaos and uncertainty.

As we choose from our brothers and sisters in this gathering, we ask that you guide us to make those choices so that we may better represent YOUR will on earth. Make our eyes discern more clearly truth from deceit. Let the hearts of our leaders know you. Let agents of deception fear the righteous, and keep the will of the righteous strong.

We humbly ask that the voices of the unborn are heard, that our disadvantaged are made self sufficient, that the nation founded through your strength, regains its path of prosperity and leadership of men through you and your son, our savior, Jesus Christ.


See you in the morning

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Oh & BTW – Convention Edition

Though many may be casting a protest vote, it won't likely be for Mark Schauer

Schauer-xBad guys is just plain bad guys.

We police our own, but fact of the matter is that Democrat Mark Schauer had the biggest campaign finance violation and fine that Michigan has seen to date.  In 2007 former RM editor and operator Nick DeLeeuw noted the unmitigated gall of Schauer, and the 22 counts of his election violations:

Here’s how it worked.  Schauer decided to go ahead and raise a bunch of illegal campaign cash.  He received illegal money from Democrats including Carl Williams, Alexander Lipsey, Bob Schockman, Gretchen Whitmer, Mickey Switalski, Buzz Thomas, Liz Brater, Mike Prusi, Gilda Jacobs, Glenn Anderson and Mark Slavens and then pitched in $187,000 himself.  Mind you, the limit is $20,000.  

Once the Democrats realized they’d been discovered each of the folks who currently serve in the legislature went ahead and asked for refunds.  Essentially they said “oops, our mistake, don’t punish us for it!”  Prusi, Whitmer, Switalski, Brater, Thomas, Slavens and Jacobs all took their illegal cash back, essentially admitting they’d been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and trying to make things right (well after the fact).

But no such change of heart from Mark Schauer.  When he breaks the law he stands by his criminal activity!  And he stands by his man, too.  Ken Brock, the anti-Semite who’s racist comments drew the ire of everyone in Michigan except Mark Schauer, was the Senator’s treasurer on this particular money laundering operation and signed all of the papers. 

The scheme was noted and investigated.

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