Matt McCormick

Balls and Boobs – The Michigan Race for the US Senate

Gary Peters' War on a Woman

Gary Peters is a meanie.  I mean if he were a Republican running against a Democrat woman he’d be called a Bigot.  He’d be called a misogynist, a bastard, a limp-wristed woman-beater.  Gary Peters would be called shiftless, a career politician, a Wall Street predator, a piece of worthless cow shit.  But, since Gary Peters is a Democrat, I am the only one who would call him such things.  M-Live, The Free Press, Tim Skubick and the whores in the Liberal media call Terri Land all these things.  She hates women, she’s rich, she’s bought and paid for by outside interests, she loves rich people, etc etc.

Ball-less Wonder

Peters Has no Masculine Side

I do see Terri Land as attacking a woman in this race because Gary Peters has no testicles.  The sagging chin and the shifty eyes pay tribute to the baby-killing Marxist that he is.  All Marxists like Peters have no will, no strength, no integrity, no balls.  Terri Land on the other hand, has large balls.  She’s picking on a girl here.  No, that’s insulting to women…Peters is a gelding.  His handler, Barack Obama, has his balls in a lockbox, to borrow a term.  Peters is all Cap and Trade and DREAM Act and Obamacare and other Marxist pogroms.  Whatever independence Peters had died long ago in NY on Wall Street.  He’s used to being told what to do and he fills the role beautifully.  I guess if you want a kowtowing, brainless, worthless marionette in the US Senate who will lie down with his ass in the air for Obama, you’ve got it in Peters.

Peters is a devout Communist.  His stance on how much he loves baby-killing is right in line with the Democrat platform.  He never met a violent illegal immigrant that he didn’t want to steal money from taxpayers for.  He’s all in for keeping blacks as servants to the state.  He loves tyranny, dysfunction, destruction, cowardice, greed, apathy, ignorance and slavery.  He’s a great Democrat.  He worked hand in hand to increase CAFE standards with the biggest job killer in US history, John Dingell.  Jennifer Granholm, his other mentor, is second, but Dingell worked for 50 years to kill nearly 750,000 UAW jobs.  You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but Peters can blow a Marxist with the best of them – even female Marxists like Granholm.

You Betcha! (5)Nuh Uh.(7)