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Primary Election Review & Analysis

Commentary on some of the more notable races throughout Michigan's Republican primary.

Conservative First posted results of races from around the state yesterday.

As a candidate I needed time to decompress.  I lost my contest by 89 votes, and as much as I campaigned, I was outworked.  I saw CF’s report and felt there is some more fleshing out that needs to be done.

Prop 1 (tax changes) wins easily 69-31.

This is not surprising as several million was spent to make sure it passed.  Of course THAT begs the question WHY would several million be spent to promote something that had as it’s main promise, an act already done by the legislature?  I guess since we passed it, now we find out what is in it.

1. Benishek wins 70-30.  Alan Arcand needs to fire his pollster.

We all know the polls were push polls, or better yet campaign ads used for shock and awe.
Don’t think 30 percent is a bad number against an incumbent congress critter BTW.  We will see Alan again.


3. Amash wins 57-43.  Probably not enough to scare away future primary challengers.

One thing he did correctly was snuff the ‘unity’ crap.  There is no unity in the MiGOP.  There will be none until Republicans start acting like Republicans.  I think 57-43 is enough however.  No one will challenge Amash without a damn good reason in the future.

4. Moolenaar wins 52-36-11.  Never underestimate the Midland establishment.  I rated this a tossup when Mitchell led by 23.

The TPX had its desired effect.  They needed a champ, and Moolenaar team needed a little boost to break John Moolenaar out.  We rooted for Konetchy here, but expected the Stabenow donations to sink Mitchell (As they SHOULD), and put Moolenaar up by a couple.  The win was significant, and John Moolenaar will be the next CD4 representative easily.

They could do worse.

6. Bussler gets 29% against Upton, confirming my suspicion that about 30% is the anti-Upton baseline in the GOP primary.

Lets suppose that is the case.  That is a powerful voting block.  Not just anti Upton, but GOP willing to vote conscience and not blind.  Consider that there are many more who simply refuse to participate.  Activate THOSE, and we have a new party.

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