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Signs, signs everywhere signs…

You want to talk about “Violators will be trespassed”?

I was doing some reconnoitering several days ago up in Vassar.

Five-way intersections aside, nothing stood out of the ordinary while I got the lay of the land and some pictures for future use.

What I did get though as I was starting to head back was a text from someone asking for me to stop at certain well-known Michigan business (Bronners) and pick them up something on the way back.

I’ll bet that most people here would be surprised at how close they’ll be “storing” illegal aliens near a major Michigan tourist area. Goes a long way towards explaining why illegal aliens would be needing training provided by a “Culinary Arts Vocational Counselor”.

Long story short. After getting the item in question, I walked around for a few minutes and sat in on one of the videos they show visitors about Christmas, Bronners, etc.. The video isn’t what caught my attention, it’s what I saw when they turned on the lights that did. Wedged in-between the screen and the Hummell displays was a lot of Americana.

And this,


Trying to placate the latest batch of “visitors” to Michigan?

Yes, I did bring it up to the staff there (several of them, actually).

No, they didn’t appear very interested in fixing it.

And for the record, no I didn’t have the time to deal with the FPD after chucking a certain flag into the nearest dumpster.

That been said, take it for what you will.


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Foster Supporters Court Democrat Crossover

Why won't Frank Foster tell his supporters he does NOT support Democrat crossover voting in the Republican primary August 5th?

Frank Foster’s supporters have some splainin to do.

Foster-DemsFoster-Dems2Foster pretended to be a Tea Party Republican in 2010, he eventually revealed how deceptive that was.  But now its clear that even being a Republican is just not enough.  A recent mailer sent out by his supporters encourage Democrats to crossover and vote in the Republican primary because he can work both sides of the aisle.

As of yet, there is no statement from Foster declaring this to be a bad idea.

Folks, just consider the effect of such a bad idea on all the other parts of the ticket, from the 37th district to commission seats, to delegates who select our convention attendees.  We know how it can destroy integrity of the Republican party even more than is already happening.

Yet Frank Foster could care less.

Its all about HIS election.

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Violators Will Be Trespassed

New signs at the fair offer a warning of violation to violators, or ...something

trespassedOpen carry folks, if you want to be ‘trespassed,’ try going to the fair.

The Northwest Michigan Fair is on in Grand Traverse County, and new signs at the fairgrounds offer a warning (Or and invitation).  We realize that everyone’s a little different, so it MIGHT be something a few operatives in the MiGOP (GLEP, Freedom Fund) would actually enjoy.

Carry with ‘pride’ boys.

The fair runs through next Saturday.

H/T to Andy Marek for photo.

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