Foster Supporters Court Democrat Crossover

Why won't Frank Foster tell his supporters he does NOT support Democrat crossover voting in the Republican primary August 5th?

Frank Foster’s supporters have some splainin to do.

Foster-DemsFoster-Dems2Foster pretended to be a Tea Party Republican in 2010, he eventually revealed how deceptive that was.  But now its clear that even being a Republican is just not enough.  A recent mailer sent out by his supporters encourage Democrats to crossover and vote in the Republican primary because he can work both sides of the aisle.

As of yet, there is no statement from Foster declaring this to be a bad idea.

Folks, just consider the effect of such a bad idea on all the other parts of the ticket, from the 37th district to commission seats, to delegates who select our convention attendees.  We know how it can destroy integrity of the Republican party even more than is already happening.

Yet Frank Foster could care less.

Its all about HIS election.

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  1. KG One
    August 3, 2014 at 12:45 pm


    Pro Elliot-Larsen expansion?

    Another one of those Tea Party Members are "extremists" shemps?

    Finally, why would the Detroit Regional Chamber be interested in endorsing a candidate in Northern Michigan?

    Sounds like a RINO if you asked me.

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  2. Republican Michigander
    August 3, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    Milliken sucked. That aside I need to check out powering the economy PAC. I don't see how a Detroit PAC plays well north of Bay City. If I'm Foster's opponent, I'm countering this with "Not just democrats, but Detroit democrats want to choose your rep."

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  3. August 3, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    The "Powering the Economy PAC" gives Michigan Voters a "Who's Who" of Who NOT to Vote For!

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  4. Kevin Rex Heine
    August 3, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    Here’s the thing, that “crossover bait” tactic works both ways.

    In the City of Kentwood, there is exactly one city-wide primary contest . . . Ken Yonker vs. Gabe Hudson for the republican nomination for State Representative – 72nd District. There are no city-wide primary contests anywhere else on the ticket, Dem or ‘Pub. So far as I know, the only neighborhood (read: “precinct delegate”) primaries are also on the republican side of the ballot, and then only in neighborhoods where the Calley surrogates are interested in “taking out” potential state convention troublemakers. (Perhaps the Nerd Prince fears another roll call motion.)

    Nevertheless, since my PD seat is one of those being challenged by pro-Calley moderates (as identified by the Michigan Advocacy Trust), I sent out two letters to voters in my precinct. The first went out at the beginning of July, to every voter who’d voted by absentee ballot at least once since January 2012 (regardless of whether they normally voted absentee or not); the second went out last week to every voter in the precinct who has a post-2011-reapportionment turnout history of ≥ 50/50. (Yes, I actually have that data, this is my political backyard.) Less duplications, that’s a total outreach of 625 voters.

    In that letter I included a paragraph saying, in part [emphasis in original]:

    I am supporting Gabe Hudson’s primary challenge, because Mr. Yonker has, this term, cast several high-profile votes contrary to the Republican Party Platform, and has an overall pro-freedom rating (from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy) of only 52%. For those of you not necessarily inclined to “vote republican,” I should point out that Mr. Yonker has supported, with his vote, everything you’ve found odious about Governor Snyder’s first-term agenda (and will probably do so again if re-elected), and that the only reliable way to punish him for that is to vote against him in the primary. On the other hand, I have spoken with Mr. Hudson at length, and find him to be a pro-constitution, pro-people, pro-life, independent thinker whose primary concern is getting the government off the back of the common citizen. We could use someone like him in Lansing right now, which is why I recommend the nomination of Gabe Hudson for State Representative.

    After scribing a paragraph debunking the MI-RTL endorsement of Yonker (as “incumbent-protection support”), and two more explaining my incertitude regarding three tax issues on the ballot (Proposal 14-1 and two county-wide millages) – and, in the GOTV letter, a paragraph rebutting the Michigan Advocacy Trust mailer – I added this paragraph in the GOTV letter:

    Now, if you’re comfortable with reelecting the man whose job description includes advancing the governor’s agenda within the legislature, then by all means feel free to elect the two neighbors who’ll gladly – and perhaps even blindly – support his renomination at convention. However, if you’d rather elect a couple of neighbors who’ll openly ask the questions that Mr. Calley doesn’t want to answer, then I have another suggestion for you to consider.

    After which I closed the letter out by repeating my opening request for their vote on Primary Day (as well as for my wife, Christie, who’s running beside me on this), and leaving my contact information, should they wish to reach out to me to converse. A few have.

    Note that neither one of my mailers was party-specific. I figure that, if the establishment can play dirty to win, then turnabout is fair play, and they can kiss my ass if they have a problem with it. These are my neighbors, they know me, and if I can persuade more than 345 of them (typical primary turnout in my neighborhood, ≈ 12.58%) to show up and vote for me, then I can assure you that I couldn’t care less about their partisan disposition. Principle over party, remember?

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  5. Petoskey reader
    August 3, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    Important, actually strike that, very important context here: Foster's family are all Democrats. This actually came up when he ran back in 2010 for the first time. His grandfather or perhaps uncle--one of those relations--was actually the Democratic chairman and the Foster family is well known, until Frank's election, of hosting annual Democratic fundraisers at their farm. I think it's called Foster's Pond. They were doing this all the way back to the Jerome T. Hart days of the Michigan Democratic Party! To put that into perspective, they actually opposed Bill Milliken! Just imagine how liberal you had to be to oppose Bill Milliken.

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  6. Petoskey reader
    August 3, 2014 at 8:46 pm

    "The late Al Foster, the Democratic chairman of the county board of commissioners and often the only Democrat elected to any office in the county. His end of summer political rallies at Foster’s pond brought in politicians near and far, including governors and those elected to federal office. At the end of the day, though, he always voted for what was best for Emmet County."

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