A Convention Prayer

We are in need of guidance at the least, and maybe of a 'family intervention' otherwise.

I offered a prayer for the election August 5th.

Some might ask me with a level of expected incredulity “did it work!?” To which there is only one answer. Yes of course it did. And I will pray again for the same guidance and outcome of what is part of His plan.

Father God above

We know that it is by your grace that man pursues what is right and just. We know that absent reliance of your word, there is only chaos and uncertainty.

As we choose from our brothers and sisters in this gathering, we ask that you guide us to make those choices so that we may better represent YOUR will on earth. Make our eyes discern more clearly truth from deceit. Let the hearts of our leaders know you. Let agents of deception fear the righteous, and keep the will of the righteous strong.

We humbly ask that the voices of the unborn are heard, that our disadvantaged are made self sufficient, that the nation founded through your strength, regains its path of prosperity and leadership of men through you and your son, our savior, Jesus Christ.


See you in the morning

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