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They all lie


What utter crap Lansing, and Snyder’s talking-heads are peddling to these nurses.

Nurses in Michigan and nationwide charged Wednesday they are not adequately prepared to care for Ebola patients, lacking both the training and proper equipment to deal with the deadly disease.

The Michigan Nurses Association called on Gov. Rick Snyder for greater leadership, even as state agencies and the Michigan State Police stepped up efforts to prepare for a possible outbreak.

alphalogicSnyder spokesman Dave Murray said the administration is pushing the group for details about the complaints because its “statements are very general and broad.”

The state Department of Community Health said Wednesday it continues to follow the situation in Texas.

“The governor was 100 percent correct when on Oct. 9 he said all hospitals were equipped to do isolation work per the Centers for Disease Control requirements at that time,” department spokeswoman Jennifer Smith said.

CDC? Oh, that’s rich. The fact is The State (government) is lying to everyone.

So let’s look at that infrastructure.
There are, in fact, a total of four medical isolation units in the entire United States, as we noted yesterday, that are capable of handling infected Ebola patients near endlessly.
Where are they, and what can they handle?
Emory University’s Serious Communicable Disease Unit is in Atlanta, GA. That’s where Brantly and Writebol were treated. It has three beds.
St. Patrick Hospital’s ICU Isolation Unit is in Missoula MT. It has three beds.
The National Institute of Health’s Special Clinical Studies Unit is in Bethesda MD. It has seven beds.
And the biggest, the Nebraska Medical Center’s Biocontainment Unit is in Omaha NE. It has ten beds.

3+3+7+10=23 beds, coast to coast.


So, where did they just transport Dallas Nurse #1? If you guessed Maryland – Bingo!

More… this Ebola stuff sounds like a whole bag of fun, yes?

H/t Wirecutter

You Betcha! (11)Nuh Uh.(1)

Eaton County Dems and LALWV in on giving the rusty hatchet to Tom Barrett?

Update – 16 October 2014 @ 1042 Hours

I received a reply from Ms. Wilson.

We had no time to reschedule it, to notify people of its rescheduling, and to find the personnel to handle another date. We also weren’t entirely sure that Barrett would not show up for the full forum. I do regret that I didn’t have a chance to let Theresa Abed know the circumstances, but everything was speculative until the evening of the forum itself.

So yeah, Jacquelyn Tennis was barking up the wrong tree.

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Pluck your magic twanger…and help out a good cause at the same time.

If you’re near St. Clair Shores this weekend, especially around the Nautical Mile, swing into Brownie’s on the Lake off of Jefferson and check out what’s happening this Saturday Night.

Starting at 8pm, The Ghoul and his Madhouse of Mystery will be appearing along with  WRIF/WCSX air personality Doug Podell as Spooktacular Guest MC.

There’s no cover to get in and food will be available. No, I won’t get into the whole “Shorian Pride” thing, although it is a nice restaurant.

The purpose of this event is to help raise funds for The Wounded Warrior Project.

Donations to Wounded Warriors can be made at the door and are greatly appreciated.

Help out a good cause and have some fun at the same time this Saturday at 8pm.


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Schauer Has It Hands Down

The Democrat candidate for Michigan's governor attempts to use prestidigitation perhaps?

Or not

After watching the gubernatorial townhall (why we cannot simply call these things debates anymore is beyond me) I decided to compress ALL of the Schauer camera speaking moments into a shortened video. It was hard not to notice something that he does in every ad, in every speaking engagement and otherwise.

I have seldom seen anyone use their hands as often when speaking as does Mark Schauer. The Dem candidate for governor is so animated, one might think that his mouth and his hands are connected; That they are linked and one might be controlling the other. Throughout the entire affair, both hands were critical to his presentation.

Interestingly, it is possible according to one writer:

“Professor Bass said, “Coupling of vocal and pectoral-gestural circuitry starts to get at the evolutionary origins of the coupling between vocalization (speech) and gestural signalling (hand movements).”

One might wonder which component is the master or slave in that arrangement?

And don’t think you are missing much with only music and no vocal rendition here. There was nothing compelling by Schauer’s performance verbally. It was a repetitious mention of $1 billion cut from our schools nonsense. Snyder’s performance and pandering was nearly as unbearable. Outside of the obvious (look at the budget folks) increases in spending in the last few years, the governor mentioned his desire for lame ducks to quack to the tune of higher gas taxes after the election.

What a choice, eh?

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