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Ready for some Common Core©?

Anybody care to make a gentleman’s wager that li’l Jeb has a room reserved at the hotel Dick and Barracuda Betsy™?

And, more news on their control game: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/10/09/Stotsky-What-Does-That-Common-Core-Copyright-Mean

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Candidate Rick Snyder (2010) vs. Gov. Rick Snyder (2012) On Guns

Originally posted on MIOpenCarry.org (Reposted with permission)

According to OnTheIssues.org, in 2010 then gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder’s campaign website contained the following in regards to whether or not he would support the 2nd Amendment and the rights of gun owners:

“In one word: absolutely. I actually own three guns myself. I have a 12 gauge shotgun and two .22 rifles that I use for target shooting. I believe the 2nd amendment also protects the right of citizens to have a gun in their home to protect their family and property. I also support the rights of gun owners to responsibly carry their gun, as long as they have attained the legal permit. While I’m not an avid hunter, I support the industry and believe it plays an important role in our economy and quality of life. It also can have a valuable environmental conservation impact and I would work to streamline the processes so that hunters get better customer service from the state and local governments. We have a long tradition in our state of supporting gun rights and the hunting industry in Michigan and I would continue to support that tradition as Governor.”

Now there are two big problems with the highlighted portion. The first problem is that rights and permits are mutually exclusive. A right, by definition, is something that belongs fundamentally to everyone, as opposed to a permit which gives you the ability to do something you could otherwise do. The second problem is that when Gov. Snyder was given the opportunity to backup his words he folded.

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Has MI Governor Snyder Lost the Base? Yes. Does He Care? No. Can He Win?

The Republican base will not support Michigan Governor’s reelection bid because he has taken the state solidly to the Left.

He doesn’t care because he has forged a partnership with Big-Money Progressives and he believes that he can buy the election without the support of grassroots Constitutionalists who attend those “wacko” Tea Party and Liberty meetings.

But wait, what is this:

Vote for Gridlock — No More Nerd – No More One Party Rule

An organized campaign to bring the Republican grassroots back to the voting booth on November 4th with a clear strategy to

  • Support genuine Constitutional Republicans for the Michigan House and Senate (and other down-ballot offices)
  • Boycott the Nerd, thus creating Gridlock rather than slide further to the Left.

Is this just more “tin foil hat” fantasy or a pragmatic strategy that might just work?

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Land Interview

Terri Lynn Land’s team has not run the best campaign.

There is a group that is appropriately attacking Gary Peters for his alignment with the ACA, Obama and FAILED liberal policies, but sadly, the pandering done by the land campaign has hurt the very real possibility of taking over the US Senate this year. It has also done more to suppress conservative voting in Michigan, and might well have its own negative ‘coattails’ when added to those of the governor, who cannot champion liberal causes fast enough.

There are some bright spots however. The video interview by MLIVE below shows a more energetic Land, though they still cannot get the ‘replace’ part of the ACA repeal process out of her head. From “Ballot Bash” at MLIVE:

Of course, many folks think that short of the miracle of resurrection, this campaign is dead.

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