You Owe Them Nothing.

A budget message to Michigan's legislature about our universities

There is no upside to our state by expanding financial support to Michigan universities.

These indoctrination centers have done everything to subvert our cultural norms, provide aid and comfort to our enemies, and provide a base for partisan enclaves.  They have taken 10s of billions of dollars in the past several decades and given us what?

The University of Michigan is paying $10.6 million annually in salary and benefits to employ 82 diversity officers, including 76 on its Ann Arbor campus.

For that amount of money, more than 700 students could receive full in-state tuition at a time when the cost of college continues to rise, UM-Flint Professor of Finance and Business Economics Mark J. Perry has argued.

Perry has been a financial watchdog of sorts regarding UM’s DEI staffing, highlighting his research on his personal website for the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative public policy think tank. He’s also successfully internally challenged UM faculty awards specified for minorities and women with Title IX complaint threats.

“… Once you move away from the academy/higher education, with its uniform leftist, progressive, liberal echo chamber, I think you find that mainstream Americans object to the diversity efforts that contribute to higher tuition and rising student loan debt that are contributing to the unsustainable ‘higher education bubble,'” Perry said.

Perry pretty much captures the entire argument.

While Michigan’s budget deadline looms, there is an opportunity to start walking back the $2 billion in funding to ‘higher ed’ in the state.  Complaints about the 0.5% increases vs. a desired 3% increase should not only fall on deaf ears, but should be fully repudiated with a universal university CUT of 25-50% until academics becomes the main focus in our taxpayers subsidized cultural petrie dishes.

I will repeat again that our constitution requires support for these leftist incubators, but it does not stipulate the level of support.

If Whitmer wants more money to the roads and primary education, or if we as a state want to properly fund our hidden liabilities going forward, it is time to move the resources from where it hurts us.  We owe these money pits nothing. Make the universities more competitive again by eliminating their slush moneys.

Make Education Great Again!

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  2 comments for “You Owe Them Nothing.

  1. Corinthian Scales
    September 16, 2019 at 9:43 am

    But, Jason, if funding isn't increased for higher education in Michigan, how are we suppose to maintain the current crop of retards being manufactured and, to take pedophilia mainstream?

    Yes, the University of Michigan has held lectures normalizing pederasty.

    Diversity (All Hail Diversity!)

    🤡 🌎

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    September 18, 2019 at 10:43 pm

    Gotta love a blog where everyone is skeerd to agree and opine other than a Bookface styled “thumbs up”.

    Adult words that I use hurt that much? Adults on the other side don’t care about you, your legacy, nor your daily lives.

    Let that sink in.

    There is no visible fight in this state other than the few leaders who have done this since the early to mid 2000’s. Today, our Majorities only hope is Chatfield.

    I want to crush their trifecta of Leftist elected ass into oblivion.

    Make no mistake and, toughen up buttercups.

    God bless,

    Corinthian Scales

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