You little snake.

When you’re the president of the Michigan SBA, wouldn’t it stand to reason that, I don’t know, YOU ACTUALLY STAND UP FOR THE MEMBERS YOU REPRESENT?

I don’t even own a business, but I do depend upon someone who does for my paycheck. I also don’t need someone to punch their lights out because they are compelled to follow some nonsensical “order”.

What has got me be cheesed off, other than the fact that we don’t have Waffle Houses here in Michigan?

{You know the drill}

Doing a casual glance at the goings on here in Michigan over the weekend, I noticed that our glorious leader needed to issue a “clarification” to Michigan Businesses pertaining her turning them into snitches earlier last week, because gosh darn it, people just were not listening to her any more.

No, this wasn’t to tell them to provide their employees new PPE in the form of body armor, or up the workers comp benefits they pay out when their employees are placed out of work due to a disgruntled customer assaulting them.

On Friday, the governor rescinded her earlier “order”, and issued a revised “order” telling those businesses that they simply cannot presume that people don’t have any medical conditions which prevent them following her “orders” to wear a mask when walking into their establishment. Now those businesses are “required” to ask those customers why they don’t have a mask on. They don’t have to pull out their Jack Webb badge and ask them for “Just the Facts” (i.e. documentation to corroborate their medical condition), but they do have to ask them why.

Oh, thank you kind and benevolent governess in reminding us who works for whom!

And, oh yeah, exactly how does that change anything?

Studies aside on why the whole mask kerfuffle has gone way beyond ludicrous, she also said that we don’t have to wear one when we vote in August.

Not that I ever intended to adhere to any “requirement” in order to vote anyways, but moving on.

What had gotten me so worked up (and almost resulted in a coffee being thrown against the windshield…not a good move when driving down the highway), was the $0.02 offered by the PRESIDENT of the Small Business Association of Michigan in Friday’s Detroit News. Here is his take:

Brian Calley, former lieutenant governor and president of the Small Business Association of Michigan, said he believes Whitmer was trying to close a loophole through which some businesses were assuming all customers without masks had medical exemptions.

Under the new order, customers will have to at least give a reason, Calley said. However, the new order aligns with guidance the Small Business Association has already been providing to its members, he said.

“Documentation is not required,” Calley said. “The customer still doesn’t have to go through a verification or a process of proving anything.”

First off, neither the customer, NOR THE BUSINESS, should have to “provide” anything to anyone. You have what I want. I have money. Let’s talk.

Second, for someone who went to law school, she has either slept through the remedial chapter on The Bill of Rights (4th Amendment, anyone?), or Michigan Constitution Article I § 11…take your pick! I can also call off at least a half dozen other constitutional violations with this along with other “orders” to date. I’m so glad that someone in her administration is reviewing her “orders” to see if they are even legal.

Third, why would an SBA president be running interference for the governor, for what is essentially an unfunded mandate to businesses?

Which got me to thinking, exactly how did someone with no positive legislative accomplishment to speak of, even land a job where its primary function is to advocate for small businesses?

We’re talking someone with literally Hunter Biden-level of job skills here.

Conveniently (as in just before I posted this), I received some information shedding some light into HOW that came about.

It seems that Pres. Calley was given a position which is nothing more than a figurehead (and a steady paycheck). How convenient that opportunity arose when your political career has hit a proverbial dead end. In case anyone is interested, the actual running of day-to-day operations at the Michigan SBA is still performed by Michigan SBA CEO Rob Fowler.

OABTW, this isn’t the first time in which figurehead President Calley has stood with the governor.

I cannot help but to wonder why that is?


Sssssssssssssssurely, you can trusssssssssssssssst me!

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  1. Sue Schwatrz
    July 19, 2020 at 10:25 pm

    I've gone mask free for almost 70 years now. Lived through a few pandemics, wars, 4 teenagers, and 8 years of bama with the latter being the hardest. .Remaining mask free has been a relatively easy thing to do. I've got my responses ready. "You should wear a mask" response is, I should wear underwear too. "Masks are required", yields do you really want to get into an ADA complaint with me? It occurs to me that we are 100% under disability and are Americans which qualifies under the Americans with Disabilities Act. And, even asking about a disability qualifies. Gov can't order businesses to violate federal law. You'da thunk the SBA would step up to protect it's members from possible ADA complaints, which, BTW get filed with the DOJ.

    Should the DOJ be looking into this outrageous BS? There's an AG suing the gov of his state for its gov. mask imposition as repugnant to the constitution. We are clearly in Danger with this gov and AG. .Again, Lee Chatfield, please start impeachment of these repugnant two.

    You Betcha! (4)Nuh Uh.(0)

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