You Broke it, YOU Bought it: NO FEDERAL BAILOUT!

Liars gotta lie.

Michigan Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist is calling out the U.S. Department of Education for its lack of involvement in helping schools across the state restart.

On CNN’s “Inside Politics” on Sunday morning, Gilchrist said the federal government needs to step up with more financial support.

“We’ve been putting out this mandate for schools to start saying we have allocated resources but $256 million … We’re going to need a lot more because our education professionals deserve to be safe when they go into schools to educate our children,” Gilchrist said.

Want to see the money spent, and the kind of quality that Gov. Whitmer’s best friends provide to America?

Yes, Michiganians, those two 7th grade and elementary school Social Justice Warrior teachers in video above are example of what all public education has become: propagandists creating barely functioning illiterates for communist-minded politicians like Gretchen Whitmer, and Joe Biden to manipulate.

Good! Keep schools closed to stop the rot being pumped into Michigan youth’s brains by our so-called public “education workforce.”

And, let’s take a look at this doozy.

I have made decisions based on science and facts to keep Michiganders safe since the beginning, and won’t stop now.

Gretchen Whitmer belongs in jail.

That said, even old conservative farm and agricultural college, MSU, Whitmer’s alma matter, has fell to the Social Justice agenda over anything pertaining to education.


Thank you, Mr. President!

Public education needs to be a thing of the past and, Whitmer’s MEA Michigan should be the first to go.

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