Yes, Snyder Thinks You’re THAT Stupid

This is just off the top.

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I hate smug, duplicitous Republicans.

***Update*** from Rick’s li’l buddy, “the conservative voice™” via Facebook.

Team work…

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  1. Jason
    December 18, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    Hoogendyk writes this.

    The House is still in session. I have word from a rep. on the floor tonight that the internet tax is "likely" to pass! You need to call your legislator's office NOW. Here is another thing you can do. Find him/her on Facebook. Many of them have an account. Send them a message. It will get to them on the House floor. Tell them not to pass another tax. That is not what Republicans do. 
    The lobbyists are circling like vultures. They want this internet tax! You must act. 


    But there is at least one thing all us, together, can do. We can ALL contact the Majority Floor Leader in the House of Representatives and ask him not to allow any of these crazy bills to reach the floor. The Floor Leader is the general who decides which bills will go to the floor for final passage and which ones won't. He has a great deal of power. 

    His name is Jim Stamas. He is a pretty conservative and reasonable legislator. Please contact him tonight!
    Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas
    To contact Jim Stamas, click here.
    • SB 658 & 659. These are the Senate versions of HB 4202 & 4203, "Mainstreet Fairness," otherwise known as the internet tax. It's bad for business and for taxpayers. Here is very good op-ed on this legislation. Here is a good analysis of the legislation.
    If you have time, please contact your own state rep. Find your representative's contact information here 

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    • Jason
      December 18, 2014 at 10:22 pm

      Yeah its on the Internet Tax thing. I should note that a couple of legislators I have spoken with expect the fun to last until 4AM or so. The lobbyists are swarming.

      I am getting names of the lobbyists and the organizations THEY represent for future installments here. I am also getting names of those lobbyists FIGHTING this nonsense.

      The whole circus is a major cluster foxtrot. Don't be surprised at ANYTHING that comes out looking like the spawn of a horse and a chicken before the night is done.

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  2. December 19, 2014 at 6:54 am

    I can tell you right now that, if I do decide to take a run at a city commission seat in 2015, that I will make a point of sending out at least one mailer explaining to the voters of the City Of Kentwood why this proposal ought to be rejected at the ballot box. There are better ways to raise transportation revenue than this piece of sausage.

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