Pence The Right Pick

Donald Trump could have chosen far worse than Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Pence represents the stated values most conservatives aspire…


Judge: ‘blacks are incapable and stupid’

A federal judge has once again unconstitutionally interfered with a state’s right.

This time it was with the operation of voting, which is NOT a constitutionally assigned federal responsibility. Barack Obama appointee, and U.S. District Court Judge Gershwin Drain’s decision to issue four preliminary injunctions against state election officials has also demonstrated his trust in the ability of African Americans to self determine. As reported by the Detroit News:

In a passionate 37-page opinion announced Thursday, Drain said the new law will reduce African-Americans’ opportunity to participate in the state’s political process and puts a disproportionate burden on African-Americans’ right to vote.

Of course.

In liberal Judge speak: “It is too much to expect an African American to actually go down the ballot and choose candidates, as they are wholly under qualified.”

Are we interpreting this decision incorrectly?

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Pence The Right Pick

Donald Trump could have chosen far worse than Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

Pence represents the stated values most conservatives aspire to.  Within only a few minutes of his VP acceptance speech, even the most casual onlooker will recognize the sense of humility, with passion for family and service to country.

The inclusion of Pence on the ticket should clarify that Trump has the ability to choose well for his team, and is rewarded with a pick that inspired the crowd, and reinforced the sense of competitiveness in the presidential contest.

If you know anything about Hoosiers, you know we like to suit up and compete. We play to win. That is why I joined this campaign in a heartbeat. You have nominated a man for president who never quits, who never backs down — a fighter, and a winner. Until now, he has had to do it all by himself, against all odds. But this week, with this united party, come November 8, I know we will elect Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States of America.


The Governor of a state which has cut taxes consistently, lowered the bureaucratic weight of state government, and put more folks to work, also has a budget surplus in his state in which Michiganians should be envious. Unlike faux conservatives, he actually subscribes to the concept of limited government.

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Michigan Question About Crooked Hillary

Hillary is a criminal.

One of the delegation members (Trucker Randy) from Michigan asks Chris Christie whether he would prosecute her if he was nominated to be Attorney General.

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SB 207- One Step Closer To Civil War?

The insects infesting Lansing, at the behest of their globalist masters, continue to stoke the flames of civil war. Completely ignoring the recent supreme court ruling that denied police the ability to draw blood during traffic stops, the Michigan legislature and head turd Rick Snyder, passed SB 207, which allows state police to take saliva samples from drivers, in certain counties.

Not to worry, these saliva samples will not be taken without probable cause and they will be taken by “drug recognition experts”, and we can all trust the chain of custody and we can all trust the test labs and the test results will be delivered by unbiased, government paid, police stooges,  and you see, this is all done for our safety.  So nothing to see here, move along.

But suppose we did live in OZ and the U.S. Constitution actually did apply to state governments, how does S.B. 207 get around the 5th Amendment?  Even if I’m caught, on video shooting heroin am I then forced to incriminate myself? This is a rhetorical question.  I know, I’ve already lost the argument several times over.  I’m sure there is some court case somewhere that says if there is probably cause the state is entitled to my blood, my saliva, my breath, my soul, hell we have no rule of law anyway and I’m tired of arguing so I’ll get to my point.  I think S.B. 207 is going to bring more police killings to Michigan.

A state trooper is going to pull a driver over and demand a saliva test.  The driver is going to refuse.  The trooper is will then try to arrest the driver.  The driver will refuse.  The trooper will draw his gun.  The driver will already have his drawn.

God help us!


“Live not by lies” -Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

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The DPS Bailout – An Alternative History Under Bankruptcy

US Bankruptcy Court ImageThe $ 617 million PA 192 – 197 bail out package signed by Governor Snyder on 21 June (plus the $ 48.7 million emergency down payment earlier this year) will not fix the Detroit Public Schools. The culture of corruption and incompetence long fostered within DPS suggests that the new DPS – same as the old DPS, except for some liabilities – will fail miserably a few years hence in an avalanche of new liabilities. Michigan will then be left to sort out two separate DPS entities with unsustainable liabilities. This could easily occur even before Governor Snyder leaves office in 2019. Karma. Déjà vu all over again.

Governor Snyder secured the Michigan Legislature’s approval of the $ 617 million bailout by regaling them with an entirely false narrative of the aborted 1991 Richmond, CA Unified School District bankruptcy, then implying that the entire $ 3.5 billion in DPS liabilities would fall upon the taxpayers of Michigan. The Michigan Legislature’s Republicans (and our nitwit media) bought Governor Snyder’s tale hook, line, and sinker – then delivered a $ 617 million gift to DPS for its past ill behavior. The Michigan Legislature’s Democrats had the chutzpah to hold out for even more taxpayer paid goodies.

There was another, better option: bankruptcy.

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Neither Austerity Nor Rebuilding Are Guaranteed

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” (attributed to Margaret Mead)

Insofar as I have been able to research, historical consensus is that the American Revolution began with the Stamp Act Congress (October 1765), and ended with the ratification of the Bill of Rights (December 1791). This twenty-six year effort to secure independence from the British Crown, and establish a free and independent republic (America’s original “crisis period”), was unique in the entirety of human history. By this I mean that, rather than simply swapping one set of rules for another, or one set of political leaders for another, the patriots of America’s founding generations created, from scratch, a nation dedicated to and based upon the proposition that every man and woman stands equal before the law, and has a God-given and inalienable right to a life of Liberty and Justice. Yet, the sum total of soldiers, sailors, statesmen, sages, and shopkeepers who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the cause that established the freest and most prosperous nation ever known – made most of the sacrifices, did most of the work, and made nearly all of the major decisions – amounted to merely three percent of the total American population of the time . . . evidence for the credibility of what historians refer to as “The Law of The Vital Few.”

In contemporary America, every economic, social, and political trend seems to indicate that the United States are already in the fourth crisis period of our national history. Given this, the question seems fair to ask: Where now are the sages, statesmen, investors, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs . . . and even leaders . . . who will guide us through not only this crisis, but also the austerity and rebuilding that will surely be needed once the crisis has passed? More importantly, would we know how to recognize such producers and leaders when they arrive?

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A House Divided – And Its Not Republicans!

Julie PlaweckiDuring a week of dramatic racial conflict across the U.S.A, few noticed a more subdued racial conflict which surfaced right here in Michigan. First term Michigan State Representative Julie Plawecki died on June 25th during a hike on Misery Ridge at Smith Rock, Oregon. Representative Plawecki was running unopposed for reelection in the Democratic primary on August 2nd, in Michigan’s 11th State House District. Representative Plawecki’s death occurred after the April 19th Michigan primary election filing deadline, so it is up to the local party to select a replacement Democrat to appear on the November 8th ballot in accordance with PA 116 of 1954.

The ‘local party’ in this particular instance is the Michigan 13th Congressional District Democratic Party (SoS BoE 516418). Representative Conyers represents the 13th Congressional District, even though he hasn’t lived in it since the 2012 redistricting. Even so, Representative Conyers does maintain control over the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party apparatus through his agent Jonathan C. Kinloch. Jonathon C. Kinloch 2Mr. Kinloch, a Detroiter who also resides outside the 11th State House District, is perhaps best known as an Emergency Manager appointed member of the esteemed Detroit Board of Education.

Half of the 11th Michigan House District’s population is in Garden City and Inkster, with the balance in attached pieces of Westland, Dearborn Heights and Livonia. Garden City and Inkster are polar opposites ethnically, but both vote heavily Democratic. The Westland and Dearborn Heights segments of the 11th are somewhere in between Garden City and Inkster, while the small segment of Livonia trends Republican. Hidden in the Census data for this district are substantial South Asian and Arab ethnic communities, but the district’s African-American population fraction is pretty well identified by the Census at about 35%.

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Exactly whose agenda is Gov. Snyder promoting?

“This marks a new day for Detroit families, with DPS free from debt and strong accountability measures for all schools in the city that promises a brighter future for all of Detroit’s children.” – Michigan Governor Rick Snyder after signing the DPS bailout package last month.

If only that were really true.

There’s a story making the rounds here locally, that to put it mildly, I am more than a little surprised hasn’t been picked up by other media outlets around Michigan.

It seems that Emergency Manager Transition Manager Stephen Rhodes, Michigan Treasurer Nick Khouri, Gov. Snyder and a few select others within Michigan Government have felt that it is more important to bury some rather disturbing facts relating to Detroit Public Schools, rather than to make them public (Read: Better make sure that Michigan Taxpayers don’t EVER get wind of this!).


What was John Burroughs Intermediate School.

Nope, not the crumbling infrastructure of DPS.

And what is this little nugget you may ask?

{Continued below}

H/T to the good people at Channel 7 in Detroit for breaking this story.

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NRA Endorsed.

A picture is worth a thousand words.Endorsed

Or maybe a couple thousand votes in a primary challenge of an incumbent.

Now Its time to win this thing.


Perhaps there might be some who would lend a brother a hand?

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