As Vapid as They Come

There’s little doubt that between the generations of Romneys, Rakoltas and the Milliken-fanboys now with firm control of the Party…


As Vapid as They Come

There’s little doubt that between the generations of Romneys, Rakoltas and the Milliken-fanboys now with firm control of the Party apparatchik that they will transform Michigan to The Reds.

Congratulations, Boobus Michiganderus. Y’all blew it.

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Be Proud of Yourself Detoilet

Because Teh #ComebackCity and “Reserve your judgment.

Imagine that

Johnson has a list of past financial issues including a foreclosure, unpaid child support, evictions, bad debts, unpaid income taxes and he even bounced a check to himself.

Yep. Aren’t y’all glad that RINO Ron and Slick Rick flushed our money down the drain bailing out that cesspool? Me? I’m ecstatic about it, and the next bailout in the wind.

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Michigan Is On The List

Of course you all knew that.

Michigan is one of the ‘resettlement’ states used by the UN and our state department to implant refugees from the worst areas of the world. Under the auspices of humanitarianism, we are being invaded by people who carry with them the very troubles we are told they are fleeing.

Dave Agema mentions A.L.A.C. in his presentation to Michigan conservatives last Saturday. He has seen this coming and has been working with Kamal Saleem spreading the word around Michigan in the past few years. A.L.A.C. stands for American Laws for American Courts, and simply reaffirms the constitution and state laws, while preventing the very anti American aspects of Sharia from creeping into our justice system.

I was fortunate to attend one of the presentations by Kamal Saleem a couple of years ago.

It has not gotten any better since then.

Do we become Europe in a couple of decades? (Video H/T George)

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MiCPAC – Kevin Jackson

Want to have some fun?

We were lucky to have had Kevin Jackson speak to the conferees at the May 16 2015 MiCPAC in Troy. He lived up to the hype with a lively presentation. A heck of a nice guy so articulate that I hardly noticed he was short.

Shorter than me anyhow.


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Lefty Freak Out Begins In …

Appearing at the May 16, 2015 MiCPAC, Michigan’s RNC Committeeman Dave Agema spoke to conferees. This year’s event was held in Troy.

The MiCPAC event is held annually by the Michigan Conservative Union.


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Click It Or Ticket Force Zones Ramp Up

Michigan State Police are stepping up efforts to imprint their thumbs on Michigan motorists this coming holiday weekend.

Ever since the seat belt legislation was foisted upon a gullible electorate, millions of dollars have been used to cajole, threaten, and punish drivers who have threatened no one’s safety but their own. Since the inception of the law that was NEVER meant to be a primary offense, TENS OF THOUSANDS of citizens of our great lake state have been harassed by authoritative desires of some in law enforcement, and have had their 4th amendment rights violated under the guise of suspicion that they were not properly buckled in.

From the state department of propaganda today (with commentary inserted):

May 18, 2015

Seat_Belt_Law_Graphic_-_Web_489461_7For the first time, federally funded seat belt enforcement efforts will take place in all 83 Michigan counties to help jump start an increase in seat belt use and reduce traffic deaths and injuries. Starting today through May 31, police departments, sheriff’s offices and the Michigan State Police will conduct stepped up seat belt enforcement as part of the annual Click It Or Ticket campaign.

The enhanced effort coincides with the 15th year since Michigan adopted a law allowing law enforcement officers to stop motorists for not being buckled up. According to the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, 2,659 lives have been saved since the law began in 2000 as a result of substantially higher belt use. States with primary enforcement laws have higher rates of seat belt use.

15 years of jackboot tyranny, now enhanced courtesy of an overreaching federal bureaucracy.

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Where’s our Royalty Check?

The Public-Private “Partnership” us taxpayers continue to support.

Congratulations, Boobus Michiganderus.

As before, we now return to regularly scheduled Fat, Dumb, and Happy programming…

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