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Michigan’s Supreme Court Should Engage NOW

An Obama appointed federal Judge has ordered the recount to begin today at Noon.

This wouldn’t have happened by itself, and required a petition by Jill Stein to ‘expedite’ the process.   Michigan Law dictates that state officials must wait two business days after hearing objections to a recount petition before they can start counting. This allows court review of the Board of Canvassers ruling on recount requests.

The federal Judge is attempting to circumvent Michigan’s election law, which is not it’s role.

If the canvassers had ruled for the Trump objection to the recount, this couldn’t have happened. The decision is based on the presumed ability to complete the recount in the shortened time and not whether it should go forward. However, the net decision requires an expedited ruling from the Michigan Court of Appeals or the Michigan Supreme court, or taxpayers on Attorney General Bill Schuette’s motion.

Stein has no skin in the outcome, and even admits the process is not expected to change the results of the election.  Yet Stein has pursued this avenue in order to insert chaos into the electoral process.

And the Democrats including Mark Brewer, former chair of the Michigan Democrat party are happy to see it happen.

Brewer filed the for the federal judge’s action on behalf of Stein as Plaintiff.

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What Crazy Looks Like

Jill Stein has no skin in the game.

Except maybe in a way that gives her a donor base to work off of for her next 1% run at the presidency. Stein, looking a little jaundiced in this clip tries to convince even herself that wasting the time of election officials in three states serves some enlightened  or higher purpose.

Professing that 75,000 ballots in Detroit having no presidential preference chosen as a reason for the recount, and also saying it is not about Trump, Clinton, herself or any particular candidate, Stein will be announcing her lawsuit against Pennsylvania’s election board for cancelling the recount in NYC.

In front of Trump Tower.

This folks, is what bats**t crazy looks like.

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And If You Were Wondering

objectionCanvassers meet today to determine if they ‘accept’ the objection to the recount.

As best I can tell, (with a minor exception of two) the scheduled recount counties are those which have a traditionally higher Democrat voting, an/or did fairly well for the indicted criminal, Hillary Clinton.  If there were errors or machine missed/uncounted ballots, the percentages advantage Democrats in these counties.

If you are in the most conservative areas, Jill Stein (AKA Campaign for Hillary) does not want to recount your votes.

If the objection is accepted by the board of canvassers, its done, and Trump Wins Michigan.  If they do not accept the objection, then next Tuesday will be the beginning of the ‘fun.’

Stay tuned.

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Teacher Pension Reform

brandenburgState Senator Jack Brandenburg posted this on FB today.

Facebook has somehow supplanted blogging and other online information sources.  I have a post upcoming for this.  In the meantime, I’m passing this along as a public service.

Dear Friends,

Hundreds of teachers have been emailing and calling my office regarding Senate Bill 102, which changes the teacher retirement plan. It has become very obvious to me that they have been misinformed.

First and foremost, if you are a current or retired educator, your pension benefit will not change one bit. You will not lose one cent. Your pensions are guaranteed and protected by the Michigan State Constitution. Once again, current teacher’s and retiree’s pensions are protected, every single cent.

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Fifth Down

Oh, did I peel off that bandage too soon?5thdown

Can’t stand the school lately.  But love the game, and hate to see it abused in this way.  The complete officiating crew should be banned from working on this side of the country, or in any bowl games permanently.

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The State wants in…

The State wants in…

The new “marihuana” law…

Does a difference of one letter mean something in legal terms????…Can’t wait to find out…Anyway, back to the point…

As a Planning Commission member, the new medical marijuana (mariHuana???) laws directly affect my responsibilities a keeper of the Zoning Ordinance…The new laws take effect December 20th of this year, so we all might want to know what’s in them…As much as I hate wading through pages of legislative ‘legalese’, I have begun a cursory inspection…So far, looks like a great deal….for the State of Michigan…

So my being fairly conservative, I approached it from that perspective….To be blunt….the State wants in!!!…Seeing a thriving revenue stream go ‘untapped’ seems to be a cardinal sin to our State legislature, so they ‘fixed’ it…10 new licensing ‘fees’, two brand new taxes, two new ‘boards’ creating a total of 22 new government jobs would seem to do the trick…and I can plainly see more of this coming…Let’s do the “Readers Digest” version first, and we can discuss the issues later…

Five new licensing ‘fees’ (think tax) from the State, five again for any ‘municipality’ that decides to allow (and tax and regulate) any commercial operation connected with the industry…The legislature grants itself permission to ‘raid’ the “Michigan mariHuana registry fund, creates two ‘new’ regulatory boards (more later), and then actually ’taxes’ the commercial end of this…and puts the onus of implementation on the Townships, hence MY involvement…

I welcome any and all discussion here…should we be asked to write a new ordinance governing ‘commercial’ marijuana enterprises within our bounds, what safeguards should we insist be included???…I can make ‘private property rights’ arguments all day, but those need to be transmitted on a personal level to make them really ‘sink in’…I do not wish to suppress any committed commercial endeavor within my Township, but in order for that to happen, we must be ASKED to write the accommodating ordinance, which is why I post this….Please make this thread a topic of serious discussion…

Does one letter make a difference???…

I leave you with this, borrowed from a Libertarian post I saw recently…

“Any license or permit is simply the government stealing an individual liberty, in order to sell it back to you.”

More later…

Tom B…

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Ghosts Of Thanksgiving Past

thanksgiving-washingtonSome selections from prior Thanksgivings at RightMichigan.

Some links might be broken, but the overall effort is worth it.  Starting 5 years ago:

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