Why is a Republican Who Approved Voter Fraud Up for a Promotion in the Party?

In lieu of the election farce that took place last November, heads need to roll in the Republican Party, and that is finally beginning to happen.

Michigan Republican Party chairwoman Laura Cox is history, having failed to do anything to stop voter fraud before the fact. She will be leaving in disgrace with it largely being recognized that her incompetence harmed the state and the nation, perhaps irreparably.

The cowardly party hack attorney Aaron Van Langevelde, who certified the fraudulent vote total before whistleblowers could even finish their testimony, has been replaced on the state board of canvassers. These moves need to be the beginning of a major overhaul within the MIGOP.

Much to my horror, I have learned that members of the 14th District Republican Party are considering Monica Palmer to lead their Congressional district. This would be a major setback toward improving leadership within the state party.

Running to be the 11th District CDRC Chair, I did not want to publicly comment on any other races that are going on. But I have to break my silence with regards to Palmer and the Republicans coalescing around her campaign.

What the hell are you guys thinking?

Palmer serves alongside William Hartmann on the Wayne County board of canvassers. Palmer was there on absentee vote counting floor when tens of thousands of ballots were delivered to the TCF Center in Detroit at the dead of night with no chain of custody, no accountability, no transparency, nothing.

Did Palmer bring up these concerns during crucial vote certification hearings with the rest of her board? No, she did not have the courage to call a spade a spade. She was weak, she equivocated, and the Left seized upon her weakness. The Democrats pounced after she and Hartmann initially refused to certify the vote, and they caved in typical fashion.

Make no mistake about it: the failure by Palmer and Hartmann to show courage at this moment doomed the state completely and ended any chance of Michigan voter fraud being overturned.

After their failure, Palmer and Hartmann offered excuses for why they didn’t do the right thing when i counted:

We were promised by the bad guys that they were going to do an audit of the ballots if we certified, and then they lied to us! (What monumental fool would take this deal in good faith?)

We rescinded our votes after they were already counted, which had an effect on nothing since we already blew it, but we stood strong! (A pitiful attempt to save face if there ever was one!)

Personally, I was disgusted and embarrassed with these pathetic excuses from two elected officials who screwed up as badly as any Republican elected official I can remember.

In a Big League Politics post, I wrote that “Palmer and Hartmann will go down as two of the most cowardly traitors in the history of the Republic. That will be the legacy that their posterity will have to live down long after they are gone.” I stand by my comments fully.

What has shocked me is how 14th District and Wayne County Republicans have swallowed the nonsense from these disgraced figures and coalesced around them. I guess it explains why the conservative movement has conserved so little over the years, and why the worst always seems to rise to the top in Republican politics.

The threats that Palmer from unhinged leftists received were abhorrent, but she joined the board of canvassers knowing the divided and tenuous political climate. Palmer had a duty to stand strong and reject the vote steal regardless of the consequences. This was her patriotic duty. She failed and disgraced her ancestors by approving the fraud.

Making matters even worse, Palmer has signed off on the certification of every fraudulent election occurring in Detroit while on the board of canvassers. This woman represents everything that is wrong with our Republican leadership, and she is being pegged as a rising GOP star because of this? This is insanity.

Look, the last few months have been rough on us all with the blatant vote steal, then the widespread cover-up, and now the Big Brother crackdown on patriots. But let’s not lose focus of what is important here. Have a little self-respect. Do not reward the officials who have betrayed us and violated our trust in the worst of ways.

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  8 comments for “Why is a Republican Who Approved Voter Fraud Up for a Promotion in the Party?

  1. KG One
    January 28, 2021 at 7:12 am

    Mr. Trejo,

    I don't dispute the overview above on the blatant election fraud in Wayne County last year, however, I do dispute the rationale of the principles behind it.

    The Pointes are essentially the last island of civilization within Wayne County. I don't know when you were there last, but it's common knowledge that the locals don't venture much out into the war-torn areas of Hamtramck, Highland Park or Detroit.

    When they are contacted (and doxxed) by psychopaths who are sending them images of dead women and telling people where their children go to school, I'm not aware of any parent who WOULDN'T be concerned for their children's safety. Those were very important details you did not share with readers.

    Knowing his history in the city, no, I wouldn't have trusted that mini-Kwame wannabe Kinloch (who was handsomely rewarded for his part in this treachery) to do anything.

    But, on the flip-side; don't be so quick to throw Mrs. Palmer under the bus.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      January 28, 2021 at 9:32 am

      Doxxed? Bruh, I don't think you understand how readily available, easily accessible, public information works. Like ZOMG! DoXxEd?!?! 🤦🏼‍♂️ GMAFB.

      Look, none of what is going on is new and, I personally can't stand the traitorous turtle-looking prick from Kentucky but, I sure as hell am not cowering from a gaggle of demented fat unf*ckable broads, and their pussy hat wearing retardamigo soy boy clingons.

      Bottom line, Monica Palmer blew it when she made a deal with Democrats, hence, The Tag.

      For those too lazy to read it all by clicking here, I will drop the 'cut to the chase' below.

      But you go on with your "flip-side" nonsense, Smart Guy™.

      Because they indeed are coming for you.

      Think not? The man is facing 10 years imprisonment because the JoeBama administration will invent bullshit under the guise of low IQ protections to take you out.

      All that said, another big thank you again to Shane, for being a true patriot.✌🏻✝️

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  2. maidintheus
    January 28, 2021 at 2:45 pm

    Note the people who have tirelessly supported the RNC/GOP without speaking out on their lack of vetting those they put out for our vote. These are those who tirelessly supported the Cox family who between them don't have an ounce of respect for MI citizens.

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  3. Corinthian Scales
    January 29, 2021 at 4:30 pm

    Monica clearly looks like a case of affirmative action meets the Peter principle, in other words, a perfect fit for the current Party apparatchik.

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