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Why is a Republican Who Approved Voter Fraud Up for a Promotion in the Party?

In lieu of the election farce that took place last November, heads need to roll in the Republican Party, and that is finally beginning to happen.

Michigan Republican Party chairwoman Laura Cox is history, having failed to do anything to stop voter fraud before the fact. She will be leaving in disgrace with it largely being recognized that her incompetence harmed the state and the nation, perhaps irreparably.

The cowardly party hack attorney Aaron Van Langevelde, who certified the fraudulent vote total before whistleblowers could even finish their testimony, has been replaced on the state board of canvassers. These moves need to be the beginning of a major overhaul within the MIGOP.

Much to my horror, I have learned that members of the 14th District Republican Party are considering Monica Palmer to lead their Congressional district. This would be a major setback toward improving leadership within the state party.

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Union Growth In Michigan?

What happens when the threat of permanence is no more?

MEA-NMCIt occurred to me recently, that we may be seeing the first potentially lasting effects of Michigan’s relatively new Right-to-Work status.

On March 12, 2015, it was announced that NMC faculty had surprisingly decided to subject itself to union dues and contracts negotiated by third parties on their behalf. 

TRAVERSE CITY –The Michigan Employment Relations Commission has certified the election and a majority of eligible faculty who voted have decided that all non-supervisory, full-time and part-time appointed faculty will be in a collective bargaining unit represented by the Michigan Education Association.

Northwestern Michigan College will begin negotiations with the Michigan Education Association for an agreement that will cover wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment for this group.

“Northwestern Michigan College will begin negotiations with the Michigan Education Association.” Check.

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