What part of “Hell No” do you not understand, Senator?

I’ve had a few people ask me about what we can expect to see from the Michigan Legislature in the coming days.

My pat response has been to the effect nothing of substance for a few weeks. This is after all, an election year.

They are surprised by my response until I include the caveat that prognostication will hold only until November 5th. After than date, you will see legislation introduced that you would never have imagined by republicans.

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What my sources tell me is a “go” after the General is the Michigan Gas/Vehicle Registration Tax Hikes and expansion of Elliot-Larson, to carve out “special rights” for the LGBTIQ-crowd.

Tax hikes and trampling on clearly enumerated Religious Rights, who’d have thought?

The republicans may be arrogant and condescending towards their base, but they are not stupid.

Those running for re-election or for a seat in the other House don’t want to get Cantor’d. Once elected/re-elected they have 2-4 years to hope and pray that voters in their home districts have forgotten their deception during lame duck. Getting a real job scares them, which is why they are so willing to tow the party line and sell out their principles for a steady paycheck for as long as they can.

When asked about what else I saw in my Magic 8-Ball, nothing else came back. I presumed that this was because that even though the republican party has nothing but contempt for its base (except during the time leading up to election day), even they realized that there were limits to how far they could go.

And then something out of the blue changes even that.

It was reported this week that (termed out) Senator Randy Richardville will be making another attempt at tweaking Michigan Voter approved term limits.

Senator Richardville said in a report on NPR;

“People in general say, ‘I like the idea of term limits.’ But I don’t think they’d like it to be as restrictive as they are. If they knew how quickly and how much turnover there was here, I think they would rethink it.”

And this turnover is a bad thing…how?

What has the institutional memory on the federal level from perennial candidates with names like Levin, Conyers, Dingel, and Miller done to reduce the national debt? Maintained the checks and balances between the 3 branches of government? Improved the American Economy? Protected the integrity of our national borders? Insured the safety of American Citizens? Defended what once was the best health care system on the planet? Upheld the Bill of Rights?

In the early writings of the Republic, it was stated to the effect that serving in public office was to be an interruption to one’s career; it is not meant to be a career in and of itself.

Contrary to Sen Richardville’s assertions, high turnover in public office is a good thing.

It means that we don’t have officials sitting on their complacency riding through election after election on name recognition and party loyalty only. Since they are only serving for a finite amount of time, those people will need to do something  if they want to make an difference while they are in office.

Afterwards they will have to live under the very same laws they help to promote.

What better incentive is there to do the right thing while in office?

Just something to think about before you go off and infuriate what is left of the republican base, Senator.

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  2 comments for “What part of “Hell No” do you not understand, Senator?

  1. Jason
    September 14, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    Indeed. turnover as frequently as possible until we have a proper constitutionally aligned legislature. THEN lets talk about those term limits.

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  2. September 15, 2014 at 6:10 am

    I'm thinking that any tweak to term limits (I still like the 12-in / 4-out metric), must come hand-in-hand with restoring the part-time legislature.

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