Weiser vs. Devos Staffer Smackdown!

Weiser appears ready to distance himself from Devos funded 'Great Lakes Education Project' and the radical activities of its MAIN MAN.

Or not.

We can be fair here.  I have never had a problem with those from all side airing out their concerns (until it becomes redundant and unnecessary torture) on these pages.  In an attempt to set the record straight before next weekend’s main event, Ron Weiser addresses the specific rumors/charges/accusations made against him in an email blast that we reprint in whole below the fold.

In the mean time, lets allow the spirit of his writing put the pressure on those in the MiGOP apparatus who are insane enough to disagree with the esteemed Mr Weiser on some very KEY points.  Weiser is clear enough in his letter, so that we know that:

  • Homosexual marriage is a bad idea Mmk?  Ron is quite obviously PRO Traditional marriage, and he is standing up and saying so.  If you are PRO Homo (GHEY ‘marriage’) You are a BAD Republican.  Obviously.
  • Common Core is also BAD Mmk?  Ron expressly disagrees with his wife, and is willing to endure interesting dinner conversations to stand on his principles.  That crazy common core is wrecking our education system and he’ll quarter NONE of it at U of M, and states he would actively oppose it.
  • GLEP and its Devos funded operator Greg McNeilly supports both of these, and Ron says will no longer be supporting GLEP financially, and has not since 2008.  BRAVO! Greg McNeilley, who supports (and participated in) both Ghey ‘Marriage’ and Common Core,  promotes the top two items through GLEP and his own personal PUBLIC displays, and THAT is enough for Ron Weiser who opposes GLEP and the Devos hired pop-gun McNeilley and his mechanization within the Republican party.  Weiser and McNeilly, and perhaps McNeilly’s paycheck, DeVos by extension, must surely be natural enemies.

We are with you Mr Weiser.  You gotta be careful who you hang with.

However, in the future, please feel free to be more direct and name names a little faster Ron.  You know who they are, but we had to put the connected dots out there for you.  No need to be coy, Mr Regent-to-be.

The letter as promised, in its entirety for full context below.

Fellow Conservative,

I knew that this would happen, but I didn’t realize the depths that some people would stoop to help win an election.  You may have seen an anonymous email and website that is attacking me on some key issues.  I wanted to take a few minutes to set the record straight.

  • I do not support Common Core and would actively oppose Common Core from being implemented at the University.  My wife does support it and like many married couples we do not agree on every issue. I would like to say more about this, but I have been married for 31 wonderful years and I would like to make it to 32.
  • I am pro-traditional marriage.  Some people have emailed around a marketing campaign for one property, done in 2009 from McKinley, as some sort of proof that I don’t support traditional marriage.  I have not had operating control of McKinley since I left Michigan to be Ambassador in 2001.  When I found out about the marketing campaign I contacted the management of McKinley and asked that they not engage in this type of marketing in the future.  They agreed and it hasn’t happened since.  I strongly support traditional marriage as being between one man and one woman.
  • I called John Yob and Chuck Yob “wackos”.  I was at an event in Grand Rapids in honor of former Republican National Committeeman Chuck Yob and I was quoted as using the word “wackos”.  I was affectionately referring to my friends, Chuck Yob and John Yob and meant no harm by it.  They laughed about it afterwards and were not offended.  An anonymous person tried to take my words out of context and that is unfortunate.
  • I donated money to GLEP over 6 years ago.  This was before Common Core had been introduced and when GLEP was focused on expanding school choice and charter schools.  I believed then and believe now that parents should have the choice to send their kids to the schools that best suit their needs whether public, private or at home.  That was why I supported GLEP in 2008.  I have not given them any money since that time.
  • In 2007, when I was the national co-chairman for a Republican Presidential Campaign, I gave gave $1000 to Joe Biden to get a tracker into a Biden fundraiser to record him. I have given a substantial amount of my time and money to hundreds of conservative Candidates and causes over the last 25 years.

These are the simple facts.  Others may try and twist the truth for political gain, but I have a clear record of supporting conservative candidates and policies.  That is why Conservative leaders like Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Governor Scott Walker, Representative Allen West and our very own Representative Justin Amash and Senator Pat Colbeck are all standing behind me in my race for U of M Regent.  I am honored to have earned their trust and I will continue to work every day to advance the Conservative cause.  I have seen the attacks leveled against great leaders like John Moolenaar, Justin Amash and others this primary cycle and I feel like I am in good company.  I make a vow to you though, if I have something to say to you, I will say it directly and I will put my name on it.

All the Best,

Ron Weiser (signature)


There you have it.


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  4 comments for “Weiser vs. Devos Staffer Smackdown!

  1. David
    August 15, 2014 at 11:47 pm

    For the Record I am not the creator of the Rino ron Website, despite the rumors, nor do I run the MI Tea Party News site. Now does this also mean Ron Opposes common core in the K-12 schools? and is he opposed to the expansion of the Elliot Larsen act?

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    • Jason
      August 15, 2014 at 11:49 pm

      Good questions!

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  2. KG One
    August 17, 2014 at 10:50 am

    "These are the simple facts. Others may try and twist the truth for political gain, but I have a clear record of supporting conservative candidates and policies. "

    Oh, really?

    Mr Regent-to-be might be a tad premature.

    Out of all of the glowing flowers and roses the good Mr. Weiser is trying to sprinkle on Conservatives in order to make him appear less of an establishment led by the nose candidate, there is one issue that he apparently didn't want to touch upon.

    From the pages of The Detroit Free Press just last month:

    "Weiser privately discussed the concept in October with Dennis Muchmore, the chief of staff to Gov. Rick Snyder, as well as with Michigan Speaker of the House Jase Bolger and Detroit’s New York-based investment banker, Ken Buckfire, according to a string of e-mails obtained by the Free Press."


    "Weiser confirmed in an interview he had talks with Buckfire about the DIA’s fate “way before the bankruptcy” but said his conversations in 2013 with Republican leaders were limited to advice on winning legislative approval for state funding for the museum, part of a grand bargain of $816 million meant to reduce cuts to pensioners and at the same time, save art from the auction block."

    I've already said my $0.02 on the Snyder-initiated Grand Theft from Michigan Taxpayers.

    I don't favor taking money from one group of people and giving it to another in order to ease my troubled conscience.

    If saving pensioners was truly his goal (which I know wasn't, but bear with me on this), then the sale of Detroit's assets to pay for its fiscal incompetence would've provided far more revenue.
    The $8.5 billion sale of just one asset alone will take care of far more retirees than Mr. Weiser paltry $816 "grand bargain".

    Other people whom I know are downright incensed at this blatant "legalized" theft by republicans.

    I've lost track on how many people have asked me already about who is responsible for this state-sanctioned shakedown.

    Not to fear, the list of those responsible (of which Mr. Weiser is on) have been pointed to inquisitive voters long before they head the the ballot box.

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