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  1. KG One
    August 11, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    Fortunately, there are times when invoking political correctness, blows up in someone's face.

    Take one Detroit community agitator political "consultant", his brand new 'Stang. Running red lights on Jefferson and "forgetting your wallet".

    A short while ago, noted local trouble-maker Adolph Mongo got busted (on police dash-cam, no less) running a red light and was stopped by Detroit PD.

    He wrote about it on a local website and attempted to portray it as part of racially motivated "war" on black people by police (think: "Black lives matter" nonsense).

    He didn't have his wallet on him and claimed that because that along with the officer's "attitude", he not only got ticketed, but his vehicle impounded as well.

    Fast forward to yesterday and Detroit Police Chief James Craig not only addressed the allegation made by Mongo, but stood behind the eight officers who eventually were called to the scene along with releasing the video of the incident beginning at around 6:40 here (note the traffic light and then the left-hand side of the screen).

    It seems that Mr. Mongo didn't bother mentioning the numerous times he called the officer out on his weight and then an "a-hole" several times (all captured in Living Colour from the DPD dash-cam).

    And did I mention seven of those eight cops called to the scene were black?

    For some reason, I doubt that he could've gotten away with the Christine "Do you KNOW who I am" Beatty defense here.

    Bad things do happen to bad people.

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