Trump a disappointment on Civil Asset Forfeiture so far

I live in Tim Walberg’s district.  In fact, his residence of record is about 10 miles from my house.  Those of you that live in a Rural setting may appreciate that this is “right around the corner”.  I’ve not been a huge fan of Tim Walberg because of his repeated support for the PATRIOT ACT.  I once confronted him over his support for this act at a tea party meeting and he and I got into it a bit.  Anyhow…I smiled this morning while doing some quick research for this piece to discover Walberg sponsored legislation (albeit in 2015) to reform Civil Asset Forfeiture.  Good job, Tim!

I hope Tim continues his Civil Asset Forfeiture reform efforts in the new congressional session.

The new leader of the United States Government, on the other hand, disappoints on this front.  Many of you may have seen this video, I made this post for the benefit of those who have not.

A Texas lawmaker has the audacity to introduce legislation that requires the State Government there convict a fellow of a crime before they gank his stuff! GASP!  What’s Trump’s solution? Ruin the lawmaker’s career!

I think we need to call out bad actors on Civil Asset Forfeiture (and other violations of civil liberties and due process), whether they are Republicans, Democrats, or a beloved (by many, not I) newly elected President.  I recognize he’s not the only bad guy in this regard.  Civil Asset Forfeiture was popular during alcohol prohibition — the better part of 100 years ago.  Let’s hope Mr. Trump sees the error of his ways in the future.

One thing is for sure: he must NOT be given a pass simply because he’s a Republican (at least he says he is now — he was a Democrat between 2001 and 2009).


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  1. Jason
    February 27, 2017 at 8:14 pm

    I've seen the video clip. To have it end there leaves much substance to the imagination. I am always cautious of such things as well as on trade (I lean toward freer trade policies), but I look at the bigger picture here. Gorsuch would likely take a constitutional look at forfeiture, and Trump has other constitutional folks on the waiting list as well.

    Trump is not an ideologue, as some on the left might think. He has demonstrated good instincts on issues of import, and as far as being a "Republican," he has stepped far further into Republican actions than any predecessors have in the extremely short time he has been in office. Platform GOP types should be exceptionally happy.

    I appreciate the push on this though. Walberg's office (if not the congressman himself) does read here. My guess is that Trump would sign a well crafted bill that offers better protections against unwarranted seizures.

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