This Is A Big Deal

voteMany Michigan ‘Snowbirds’ seem to have gotten wise to the February election trickery.

After expending taxpayer dollars to maximize win potential with the most obscure voting time, these Northern Michigan schools have found a much wiser electorate. Elk Rapids, was looking to cash in on a “close call” in November, published glossy mailers and went full tilt propaganda. It is only one of the following which has fallen backwards.

Elk Rapids School Bond Proposal – Totals (100.0%)

Candidate Votes % Votes
No 1,425 55.9%
Yes 1,126 44.1%

There are more.

Alanson results are not in yet. They are looking for a .53 mil bond and .75 mil sinking fund.

Alanson Schools Bond Proposal – Totals (0.0%)

Candidate Votes % Votes
No 0 0.0%
Yes 0 0.0%


Alanson Schools Millage Proposal – Totals (0.0%)

Candidate Votes % Votes
No 0 0.0%
Yes 0 0.0%

Sinking fund Morely Stanwood.

Morley Stanwood School Millage Proposal – Totals (100.0%)

Candidate Votes % Votes
No 450 54.0%
Yes 384 46.0%

This could be a problem for this school system.

Tahquamenon Schools Operating Millage – Totals (100.0%)

Candidate Votes % Votes
No 308 54.2%
Yes 260 45.8%

And an interesting tidbit not school related. Three townships were potentially going to consolidate into “Houghton Lake Twp.” Lake, Markey, Roscommon and Denton Townships apparently did not find it in their best interests. It required EACH to pass the consolidation plan. One township below pretty much tells the rest of the story.

Roscommon Twp. Consolidation – Totals (100.0%)

Candidate Votes % Votes
No 2,406 74.7%
Yes 814 25.3%
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  3 comments for “This Is A Big Deal

  1. Republican Michigander
    February 25, 2014 at 11:39 pm

    Byron passed. 56-44

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  2. February 26, 2014 at 9:36 am

    And then there is this:

    Voters in the Grosse Pointe Public Schools district shot down a $50 million bond issue in Tuesday’s election, quelling, for now, a fierce debate over technology needs and spending in one of the state’s most upscale districts.

    70-30.. you betcha

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