This Guy Has Apparently Seen Michigan Politics

There is a reason current tracking has Snyder and 'shady' Schauer in a statistical dead heat.

GOP-SplitRick Manning of Net Right Daily echoes current political CW accurately.

We have seen the efforts of the current GOP powers more strongly attacking the conservative base than attacking progressive ideology in Michigan.  It also seems to be a nationwide condition.  Writing in today’s lead NRD article touching primarily on Immigration, Manning points out that Republicans have remained the party most likely to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  He writes:

” The media has woken up and noticed that the Republican Party which should be on the precipice of enjoying a massive electoral victory based upon the unpopularity of President Obama, …

Beyond the obvious, that this is a natural backlash against the national Republican Party, which has spent the past three years bashing conservative voters, …

However, the Republican Party as a whole finds itself perceived as being untrustworthy by those who oppose amnesty, and it is this mistrust in general that is the greatest single impediment toward the GOP picking up 20-25 seats in the House and 10 in the Senate to a much smaller victory.

The same Republicans who castigated conservatives for nominating through the primary process candidates who took strong stands on issues in 2010 and 12, now find themselves in the position that their constant footsie playing with those who support amnesty may be biting them on election day.

.. but when those who take conservative positions don’t trust them, it signals a bigger problem.  A problem that goes to the very heart of the currently configured GOP’s right to call themselves the conservative party.  On the issue of illegal immigration, it appears that voters are not willing to settle for the lesser of two evils political party.

In a mid-term election that depends upon turnout, this failure is the difference between winning big and getting by.

2014 was the year, like 2010, to run a hard core conservative campaign led by the House Republicans, but instead Republicans have curled into a relative fetal position hoping that not being Obama will lead them to victory.  Choosing to run the exact wrong campaign, the hope for those on the right is that in spite of their risk averse, milquetoast effort, that voters will settle in a hope of reining in Obama in his last two years.

Unlike 1994 or 2010, if Republicans win in 2014, it will be in spite of themselves.

Read it in its entirety.

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