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Michigan Civil Rights Commission meets Monday September 18 to potentially redefine sexual identity.

You all might recall the whole Frank Foster Fiasco?

In an effort to force the public into accepting deviant lifestyles as normal, the Elliot Larsen civil rights act was seen as an avenue of success.  Certain GOP representatives were lobbied for maximum influence and given vast sums of ‘campaign’ cash to encourage inclusion of homosexuals a separate protected class under the act.

Foster, a ‘tea party’ favorite when first elected, allowed his political ambitions to put at risk all that he purportedly stood for.  Foster gambled on money being more important than blatant disregard for the people he represented, while pro homosexual activists were betting that an avowed ‘conservative’ would be the best path to the change in Elliot Larsen, they failed to properly estimate his constituents.

Instead of getting the change they desired, other GOP legislators in the state were clearly warned that flirting with the goals of the fringe left was nothing short of a political death wish. Elliot Larsen Changes were abandoned, and until now, the path to ‘normalcy’ a freakishly far-off dream.

Yes, “until now.”   Because in a few days, the Michigan Civil Rights Commission could be contemplating redefining the definition of sex.

“At the July 24 meeting of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission, Equality Michigan (EQMI) asked the Commission to issue an interpretive statement to clarify that the prohibition against sex discrimination in the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act (ELCRA) includes protection against discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation.

The Commission accepted public comments on the EQMI request from July 25 through August 15, 2017, which are accessible below. The Commission will address the request at their September 18 meeting in Lansing. 

As mentioned, this was attempted before.

There is a different approach this time however.  Instead of adding those behavioral preferences as a protected class, the commission will be asked to equate specifically gender expression, whether behavioral or stated, to reflect that person’s lawful right under the act.

Pages of commentary both for and against this nonsense have been logged prior to the September 18th hearing.  The ACLU has not shied away from its willful advancement of social entropy:

“And what can be more traditional than the stereotype that men should be attracted only to women, or that women should be attracted to just men, or that men and women should only identify and present in accordance with the genders assigned to them at birth?

Never mind the truth of what we all understand when we gaze to our lower extremities.

The ACLU is literally playing the Devil’s advocate. 

Up is down, truth is a lie, boys are girls. Buttressing such wild fantasy are numerous court cases (included in their briefs) where a sliver of bent fact can be manipulated into prima facie evidence and precedent.  The lie might well not withstand full scrutiny, but initially stands with the weight of previous determination.  And it might well be enough to sway the commissioners when added to the emotionally charged appeals of “I wanna be called a girl-boy, and would prefer to be addressed as ‘ZE’ instead of Mr./MRS/MS./ etc..  sob..”

Currently, the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act (also known as Public Act 453 of 1976) prohibits discrimination on the basis of “religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, familial status, or marital status” in employment, housing, education and access to public accommodations.

The Michigan ACLU is arguing that the definition of sex should now include all the different groups in the  LGBTQ community. They are urging the Commission to make an “interpretive statement” saying as much. This, of course, flies in the face of all natural law and all the laws of our Creator. It is also a clear violation of the Michigan Constitution and the statute that created the commission.

It also poses an immediate and grave assault on our religious liberty.

No Christian businessman or even Christian school or church would be exempt from potential prosecution for “discriminating” against someone whose lifestyle is in direct contradiction to the Bible. Clearly, the commission has no authority to do what they’re contemplating. At the very least, this would create confusion and fear in the hearts of God’s people (or simple traditionalists) about potential lawsuits if the commission is allowed to make such a statement.

However, because the commission is lacking such authority is no guarantee that they will not act upon the carefully planned legal exercises of the far left.  Consider the slippery slope of applying immutable standard to behaviorally conditional status insofar as legal protections can be offered?

Discrimination of any kind would be made illegal.  And while some might celebrate such a notion, these doors once opened can only be abused.  Bakers refusing to subject their beliefs to apostasy is small fry compared to the juggernaut of a whole new aggrieved and disabused class that all of a sudden has legal power.  Consider the craziest person you have ever been able to carefully avoid by not renting, hiring, or even acknowledging.

Perpetual Torment, thy name is the mentally ill.

Attorneys Dave Kallman and William Wagner have written a brief arguing that what the Commission is contemplating is unconstitutional and unlawful. They will be at the upcoming commission meeting on September 18. Understand that the LGBTQ community will also be represented there.

Some may wish to make it to this meeting demonstrate there is strength and determination in the Christian (or sane otherwise) community to fight the continued moral decay pressed upon us through nuanced legal manipulation and deception.

The address is:  (UPDATED 091517: 845PM)

Michigan Department of Civil Rights
Capital Tower Building
110 W. Michigan Ave. Suite 800
Lansing, MI 48933

Date: Monday, September 18 Time: 4 PM

Same time

Please plan to attend the Michigan Civil Rights Commission Hearing on September 18, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.:

Michigan Department of Civil Rights

Lansing Center, Ballroom 1

333 E Michigan Ave

Lansing, MI 48933

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  6 comments for “They Never Quit – Updated

  1. Sue Schwartz
    September 15, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    Government has no business regulating sexuality at any level whatsoever. In that light--

    Anti-Discrimination policies lead to yet further discrimination. . .

    I was watching Animal ER this week--a woman brought in her female puppy (hoping to have a prized show dog) because of a protrusion from this dog's lady-puppy parts. The Vet recommended removal of the protrusion and when she went inside this lady dog had two testicles and some uterine/ovary tissue. That protrusion was a penis. This girl/boy dog was fixed--lost all value as a show dog. As a castrated/spayed pet--should be a fine family pet. There's a lesson here somewhere..

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  2. KG One
    September 17, 2017 at 11:39 am

    It's all about the genetics.

    What the LGBTIQ-crowd fails to acknowledge is that your biological sex is determined by the information contained within your genes the moment you were conceived and NOT the "factory equipment" you were born with.

    Just like prying a Bow Tie off of your grille and duct taping a Ram's Head badge in its place won't really change what's under the hood, surgically changing that "factory equipment" won't make one bit of difference to that genetic information already contained within you.

    Good luck on "redefining" a word that is already clearly defined within a medical dictionary.

    OABTW, in case anyone attending tomorrow wants a heads up on what kind of arguments you will hear, here's a summary of what the MDCR has received so far.

    Curiously, there's nothing from House Republicans.

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    • Dennis Bierlein
      September 17, 2017 at 2:07 pm

      A quick study on epigenetics might help with that "genes the moment you were concieved" bit.

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      • KG One
        September 17, 2017 at 9:56 pm

        So are you implying that someone can "will " themselves into another gender, Mr. Bierlein?

        What's next?

        Citing Phrenology to back up your argument?

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  3. KG One
    September 19, 2017 at 4:12 am

    FYI, the meeting was a bust.

    Now, we'll see if AG (now officially guv-wannabe) Schuette is up to the task.

    He chickened out once don't get your hopes up.

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