Gary Glenn Turns Back On Decentralization, Targets Medical Marijuana Industry Approved By Voters

09/15/2017 4:18PM  – EDITORS NOTE – See Comment below referencing Gary Glenn’s feedback

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Rep. Gary Glenn (R-Midland) was seen as one of the shining stars of the tea party movement, and was finally elected to public office after several attempts back in 2012. We all had high hopes for him, but as he ascended into a leadership position, he immediately wilted like so many others.

This becomes incredibly obvious when examining the text of HB4965, a bill designed to punish cities that choose to allow medical marijuana dispensaries. It would cut them off from state funds if their town votes to permit dispensaries within city limits. This is a sinister way to rob localities of their sovereignty as well as an anti-free market measure to punish a growing industry creating more jobs in a state that desperately needs them.

It reads as follows:


Perhaps Glenn is so old and out of touch that he still believes in reefer madness propaganda, but that is unlikely. Glenn is a learned man who has even indicated some tepid support for medical marijuana in the past. This is a clear case of a sell-out politician desperate to kiss up to Attorney General Bill Schuette, the scum-sucking stooge who targeted small farmers and medical marijuana patients during his disgraceful term as Dick Snyder’s top henchman.

Glenn also introduced a bill during the previous legislative session that would effectively criminalize protests against the political class. This bill was filed convienently after Schuette was besmirched after protesters lined up outside of his mansion to protest his awful policies. While I was willing to give Glenn the benefit of the doubt after this shameful maneuever, it is clear that his ambitions have taken precedence over his principles. He has become another victim of the swamp.

And call me crazy, but I see HB4965 moving much more quickly through the legislature than HB4192.

HB4192 is the active bill introduced by Glenn that was written to remove the state of Michigan from the Common Core educational standards. It was developed by grassroots leaders using the best language recommended by national experts that would fully terminate Common Core in the state and allow Lansing bureaucrats NO WIGGLE ROOM to re-implement the standards, which has happened in many other states such as Indiana, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Glenn introduced that bill earlier this year, and it was scheduled to the Michigan Competitiveness Committee. This committee, initially chaired by House Pro Tem Rep. Lee Chatfield, seemed to be a good landing spot for the bill but it has stalled completely. After multiple committee hearings, there has been no movement. Right now, shady legislators are working under the cloak of darkness on a ‘compromise’ bill that would allow aspects of Common Core to remain in place.

For those of you who put your trust in Gary Glenn, please understand that you have been deceived. Few men have what it takes to stand strong in the midst of the unbelievable corruption within our politics. Glenn is clearly not among them, but his lack of spine may land him that next role as he progresses up the latter amassing power. A man who dreams of being a political figure for many decades usually turns out to be a snake. Glenn is no exception.

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  5 comments for “Gary Glenn Turns Back On Decentralization, Targets Medical Marijuana Industry Approved By Voters

  1. Jason
    September 15, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    Representative Glenn reached out to RightMi.Com upon realizing the legislation he introduced is NOT what he had intended.

    Glenn asserts that Mr Trejo is absolutely correct in his analysis, and that the legislation is a very significant distortion of what he instructed staff to do. Further he is working to withdraw the legislation immediately.

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    • Phillip Hofmeister
      September 15, 2017 at 6:09 pm

      Under Masons rules, legislation, once introduced, belongs to the body and cannot be withdrawn without unanimous consent. Fool should read the bill before he signs and drops it.

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      • Jason
        September 15, 2017 at 8:51 pm

        I can tell you he was as disturbed by it as a person could be. And he owns the error. I have no doubt Rep Glenn will do what is necessary to correct.

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      • Gary Glenn
        September 15, 2017 at 11:56 pm

        Though I doubt my track record of conservative leadership over the last 40 years warrants being called a "fool," Phil is certainly correct that I should have read the bill to ensure it said what I'd instructed. I didn't. So I take my lumps with regret for the distress I've caused in this case to those committed to limited government.

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        • Dennis Bierlein
          September 16, 2017 at 6:08 am

          Right. Blame your staff. Then your staff will be able to blame ALEC.
          But, PLEASE, don't even go there with "conservative leadership" nonsense. If you're not a fool, you're a tool.

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