The Swamp Looms Over The MIGOP State Convention Once Again

It should come as no surprise to any conservative that the SWAMP is looming over the MIGOP State Convention scheduled to take place Friday and Saturday at the Lansing Center. While we tell voters we are going to drain the swamp, typically the swamp is coronated at these kind of affairs. It’s part of the immense hypocrisy that stains our party.

The swamp has its chosen candidates picked out. At the top of the ticket is former State Rep. Laura Cox, who lost a winnable State Senate seat to a completely unknown Democrat no-name challenger last year. After demonstrating her inability to connect with the public, she is going to be rewarded with the biggest leadership position in the party. It doesn’t get much more swampy than that.

Making matters worse, Cox is running a gutter campaign against her opponent Gina Barr, who was Director of Women and Urban Engagement for the Republican National Committee and worked as a regional field director helping win elections for Republicans across the country. The special interests are deluging delegates with false information urging them to vote for Cox, whose record of supporting tax hikes, spending increases, and crony capitalism in the state legislature is well-known.

Here are a few of the examples of the dishonest tactics being used by the Cox campaign:

The idea behind this smear is that because Barr wasn’t endorsed by Right to Life for her state house race in a Democrat-dominated district, that means she somehow supports abortion. And Cox – the tax-hiking career politician – stands for life because she filled out a survey to receive that endorsement. Delegates are having their mailboxes shelled with this kind of trash every single day headed up to convention. This is how stupid the Cox campaign thinks you are.

The swampy garbage isn’t just happening in one race. It is matriculating down the ticket as well. In the Administrative Vice Chair race, it has emerged that we have an incumbent candidate who worked to boot the most conservative lawmaker from the state house in a primary election last year. Gerry Hildenbrand actually campaigned against young constitutionalist Rep. Steve Johnson while he was Administrative Vice Chair and should have been unifying the party last year. Hildenbrand actually has the gall to boast about his strong record in emails too!

This may be our final opportunity to reject theses dirty tricks. With the Democrats gaining power, they will actually use their power to screw over Trump in 2020. That’s what Prop 2 and 3 were all about last year. Democrats will use their power to take elections, even if it means bending the rules or outright cheating. If we do not have the right leadership team going into 2020, we will lose again, blow it for Trump, and surrender the country back to the liberals. This is the biggest election of our lifetime we are gearing up for, and it’s time we act like it.

We should also consider the following questions heading into the voting booth on Saturday:

  • Why should we tolerate leaders who actively campaign to destroy the best of what the conservative movement has to offer?
  • Why should we ever expect conservative minorities to reject the liberal propaganda, come into the Republican fold and become leaders within the Party when the big money machine smears them like they have with Gina Barr?
  • How do we expect to sell to the public that we want to “Drain The Swamp” when we reward these type of tactics in our Party Leadership?

Look, I understand many are frightened because of the intimidation that is happening behind the scenes. But that’s why we have a secret ballot. So that no matter what you have to say publicly, you can still do the right thing when it comes time to cast your vote.

I really hope the MIGOP precinct delegates finally do the right thing on Saturday. This could be our last chance to salvage the party from the swamp that we claim we are fighting.

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  4 comments for “The Swamp Looms Over The MIGOP State Convention Once Again

  1. Corinthian Scales
    February 21, 2019 at 4:58 pm

    Steve Johnson? Oh yah, that's a real beauty.

    No, I won't start on 'deacon' Johnson's Reformed Church, yannow, the one where Jerry Zandstra is pastor, who loves importing them some moslem refugees.

    But I will state this, unless y'all know more than the man who got Trump elected, Brad Parscale, stop whining.

    The Gina Barr virtue signalling is stale.

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  2. JD
    March 3, 2019 at 11:28 am

    "....Look, I understand many are frightened because of the intimidation that is happening behind the scenes. But that’s why we have a secret ballot. So that no matter what you have to say publicly, you can still do the right thing when it comes time to cast your vote..."

    Perhaps (instead) revealing (here) what is *ALL* actually involved 'firsthand' in the back-stabbing world of MIGOP politics would be the better strategy. Real time facts encourage citizens to both effect and change their own legislator's actions or more easily those doing the dirty work both around and for them.
    If we cannot confront legislators and their minions in public due to 'patriots' (admittedly with first hand knowledge) continually refusing to reveal publicly what crap that they pull in private meetings in their very presence?
    It will be very difficult drain any swamp using the small (voluntarily restricted) hoses not allowing 'muck' to flow from these non-public interactions with the very swamp creatures themselves.
    I would relate this lack of forthrightness to charging $50 (and up) every time that Michigan 'conservatives' gather...while at the same time complaining that most everybody in attendance is white, old(er) and the only grassroots enthusiasts statewide who truly care.

    When you are being "intimidated" for standing up to anything?....then it is high (past) time that everybody in the state sure as blazes knows about it.

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    • Jason
      March 3, 2019 at 4:56 pm

      You seriously have an issue with a door charge for events don't you? Let me guess, you attend the Bernie school of conservatism?

      Do you think money is being made at any of these?

      Having been involved in the budgeting, planning, and operational ends of such affairs, I can tell you that sans a cover charge, the events could not at all happen. Why would they if the proceeds weren't used to promote the events, AND the message the events advance? UNLESS you are signalling a willingness to sponsor all events so they can be free?

      Listen comrade, there are a lot of people trying in a lot of different ways to promote the message of individual responsibility and self determination. If you want to truly engage, host an event, charge nothing, and we will advertise it here for you.


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  3. JD
    March 9, 2019 at 2:28 pm

    There is no justification whatsoever to:

    1) Charge $100 couple + (?) more for a family to attend 'grassroots' anything here in Michigan.
    2) Insist that alcohol be served at every single event (yeah, we've been counting).
    3) Believe that nobody will attend if there is not a paid appearance by some talking head who's appeared on 'Fox" at least once in their lives or aspires to.
    4) Charge any more than what the venue itself demands to rent the space and any security required.

    'Average folk' which seem to be in short supply at $50/ not require food, drink or entertainment (the absolute worst waste of any family's scarce cash.

    These high priced gatherings have become nothing but good 'ol boys club meetings with the same 'patriots' in attendance at every event. If I was the only "Comrade" saying it or more and more were jumping on your $50/head wagon? wouldn't be prescreening my posts or appear worried that possibly 'unwashed' conservatives might agree.

    We put up with enough talking heads/comics on TV and (shocker) really aren't all that interested in listening to obvious drunks who won't attend anything if the booze is left on the shelf.


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