The Most Powerful Office in the State

Fellow Michganians, try to keep in mind that we still have 1,335 days remaining with smear merchant, Dangerous Dana.

Nessel’s revelation of the complaint against retired Michigan Court of Claims Judge Michael Talbot is problematic, experts said, since such accusations are usually kept confidential by the Attorney Grievance Commission until and unless public admonishment is deemed necessary.

The gravity of the disclosure is compounded by the fact that the complaint against Talbot had been dismissed months before — something the Attorney General’s office initially did not reveal. One expert said the result of such disclosures is “besmirching reputations,” while another called Nessel’s conduct an “unseemly inconsistency” between two separate parts of government.


Hmmm, exactly where do I recall such reprehensible tactics used in the past?

Should any of us be surprised with such perversions of law when perverts are in charge of the oversight of it?

Elections have consequences…

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  1. Jason
    May 7, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    In a way I see more of it in the way the left has always tried to ruin reputations when they lose in the philosophical and policy battles.

    Mud messes things up pretty good.

    This won't be the last time this mentally ill AG steps out of bounds. Not by a long shot.

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