The Danger Of The Left

Change you can believe .. ?

There have always been ideological differences between Ds and Rs and some other variations of the political spectrum.

What has held this country together however, is shared experience, similar desires for prosperity, and common pursuits that are rooted in the similar values. The nation has survived, thrived, and become stronger because of this. Our state and federal constitutions reflect the principle foundations upon which we as society agree to govern ourselves upon.

There are people however, that have been trying to twist those commonalities.  Recent suggestions that there is ‘polarization’ in our state and country are largely true.  Although conservatives and traditionalists can rightly argue that there has been little shift in their beliefs and mores, there can be no question the separation of ‘left’ and ‘right’ is growing.

We are a nation under siege from within.

In the video on the right, Whitmer’s extremist gubernatorial pick, displays a perfect example of what ‘Change’ has meant since we first heard that simple word used in the 2008 presidential elections.

“Movement to win this election. Because we need a movement to actually lead in Michigan. Movements are what make change happen. Movements are what deliver legislative wins. Movements are how we get to redefine the values in Michigan.”

We are the change we have been waiting for, right?

Its how we get to redefine values, right?

Nothing good is worth saving, right?  Up is down, right is wrong, and evil is good.  Is this the new Democrat party?  Is this truly the representation of will in our country now?

The 2016 election would tell us otherwise.

The problem is that the change that started in 2008 included class bribery.  Selfishness is virtue!  Shame is outlawed, costly healthcare is obligatory, and no-one shall have their wants/needs/desires unmet.  At least until it all collapses.

“Free’ is a moving target. Healthcare is being sold as such to those with room temperature intelligence quotient, and bad behavior without consequence is largely glossed over by those who need guiltless rallying behind them.

‘Valueless’ is the goal.  Values are constricting, defined, too rigid.  Values imply there is a limit to what we might demand for self gratification and behavior.  Our standards and mores are prohibitive to those who now attack like animals any protestation of their proposed modifications of what ‘normal’ is.

Movements are indeed how these radical agents of change work.  Through deceit and subterfuge, convincing throngs of the unthinking to join them in changing what has provided safety and security for generations, to unmake a nation.

Movements don’t always equal elections, where the real damage can be done.  However the drawn out efforts to upend social standards has the consequence of pitting brother against brother.

How much longer can we tolerate this?


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