Will National Popular Vote Be Resurrected During Lame Duck Session?

There has been an impressive amount of grassroots fervor that has resulted from the National Popular Vote push by Republican legislators in Lansing.

As I am sure you are aware, the National Popular Vote scheme would destroy the electoral college and game our system so that voters in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and other liberal-dominated population centers would control the entire nation forevermore. It would have meant Hillary Clinton winning the Presidency in 2016, and all the power of Michigan voters would effectively be nullified.

After it was revealed that Republicans were wined and dined with a trip to Hawaii and other lavish trips paid for by lobbyists, outrage erupted immediately. Legislators were inundated with calls and emails from angry constituents, and we were given assurances that the legislation in the state House and Senate to enact NPV was dead. House Speaker Tom Leonard admitted as much.

“I support the electoral college and the Constitution as our framers intended,” Leonard said to journalist Brandon Hall. “I have no interest in taking this bill up during the rest of my tenure as Speaker.”

So that’s all she wrote, right? We should accept the word of this politician at face value and go back to sleep. Well, not so fast…

Look what was published in a recent Bridge Magazine article from Rep. Gary Howell (R-North Branch) who attended the lobbyists’ Hawaiian retreat:

Howell expects the issue to be taken up during lame duck session, although many Republican leadership figures are pledging that the measure is dead until the next legislative session. Could this be another example of our Republican leaders trying to bamboozle us?

It is very possible.

I know we all support Tom Leonard for Attorney General, and he had the steadfast support of conservatives during state convention in August. But what happens after November? What happens if he doesn’t obtain the position of AG? That would put him in limbo and without a job moving forward.

Perhaps it would put him a precarious position that would make him more susceptible to lobbyist influence? Maybe that would get him to change his stance at the last minute?

After all, Leonard has supported blatant power grabs in the House on behalf of the lobbyists in the very recent past. He scheduled House Bill 5325 (HB5325) for a floor vote in the House earlier in the year and then voted affirmatively on that legislative abomination. HB5325 would allow private businesses to soak up your property taxes in order to make their businesses more profitable at your direct expense. If that bill is ultimately passed and signed into law, it will happen because Speaker Leonard did not have the courage to use his power to stop it.

Making matters worse, Leonard is receiving a great deal of payola from the usual suspects behind deceit and deception in Lansing. His top donors include the Michigan Chamber of Commerce PAC, Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association PAC, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PAC. These are interests firmly benefiting from the status quo, and they would not mind seeing the National Popular Vote scheme rammed through in order to see that their bottom line is further protected from the conservative rabble.

Does this mean that Speaker Leonard is necessarily a bad guy? Absolutely not, anyone who wants to be a substantial leader in this state has to play ball with corrupt interests in order to move up the ladder in Lansing. That is a simple fact of life, no matter how much we may hate that reality. The point is that Leonard has many different influences pulling him in many directions. They are pressuring him constantly in ways we cannot possibly imagine. That pressure may result in the NPV disaster being thrust upon the unsuspecting people of Michigan.

We cannot rely on the good word of a politician to protect the integrity of our electoral process. We must stay vigilant even while working for Republican victory in November to stop NPV from muting our voice in years moving forward. Please talk to people as you are phone banking, hitting doors, stuffing mailers, attending events, and doing all those things that will help Republicans win in November.

And while you’re at it, feel free to send these action steps around to concerned Michigan residents. They can take the following measures to kill NPV before it destroys the Founding Fathers’ unique and ingenious design for a Republic:


In the Senate, SB1117 (the legislation that would make NPV a reality in Michigan) has been sent to the ‘Elections and Government Reform Committee’. Please call them all and let them know why they should vote down this legislation. Urge others to do so as well –
Committee Members:
David B. Robertson, Chair: 517-373-1636
Jack Brandenburg: 517-373-7670
Judy Emmons: 517-373-3760
Mike Shirkey: 517-373-5932
Morris Hood III: 517-373-0990


In the House, HB6323 (the legislation that would make NPV a reality in Michigan) has been sent to the ‘Elections and Ethics Committee’. Please call them all and let them know why they should vote down this legislation. Urge others to do so as well –
Committee Members:
Aaron Miller, Chair: 517-373-0832
Julie Calley: 517-373-0842
Klint Kesto: 517-373-1799
Daniela Garcia: 517-373-0830
Michael Webber: 517-373-1773
Jim Lilly: 517-373-0838
Vanessa Guerra: 517-373-0152
Adam Zemke: 517-373-1792
Jeremy Moss: 517-373-1788

Feel free to watch this informative video on the dangers of NPV, and share with others to spread awareness on this crucial topic:

Thomas Jefferson urged “eternal vigilance” to protect our liberties from the evils of government power. We cannot let our elected officials – even if we fully trust them – lull us into a false sense of security. Keep your eye on the ball, and we will stop this NPV screw job to ensure another Trump victory in 2020!

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  1 comment for “Will National Popular Vote Be Resurrected During Lame Duck Session?

  1. Jason
    October 4, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    Leonard is not the one you need to worry about. He will not bring it to the floor.

    Chatfield is now the one I would watch. Until he states unequivocally that he is not in favor of NPV, he is not to be trusted.

    On Anything.

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