The Arlen Specter Model for Hiking our Fuel Tax and Registration Fees

Folks, let’s begin by refreshing our memories with example of what a Pennsylvania Republican did for Obamacare by clicking HERE. Got it? Good. Now, let’s refresh our memories with looking at a career of being fed from the taxpayer’s wallet produces with this Lefty fear-mongering creep Bill Rustem, by clicking HERE. Got it? Good.


Snyder’s strategy director, Bill Rustem, said the state may try to follow a road funding game plan that was recently executed in Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled state government.

In November, lawmakers in the Keystone State boosted annual road funding by $2.3 billion through a gas-tax hike and gradual increase in vehicle license fees, said Bradley Mallory, deputy secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

“The price of doing nothing is higher than the price of not addressing the problem, including delay, detours, safety and including death,” Mallory said. “Doing nothing is not free. It is, in fact, enormously expensive.”

Pennsylvania’s success “gives us hope,” Rustem said, and “gives us a game plan for seeing this achieved sometime this year.”

Ah, the smell of Hopium™ and fear fills the atmosphere in Lansing, as the Obama and Milliken-esque is strong in this one guiding Dear Leader, the Progressive Nerd. Finding $200M of “shared sacrifice” with repealing Prevailing Wage from the union brotherhood to fix our roads?

Sen. Richardville says, “Nyet! I stand with my beloved comrades.”

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, a Monroe Republican, said the prevailing wage legislation won’t go anywhere “unless I were to die.” The governor has said he’s not interested in the bills, either, but has stopped short of publicly promising a veto.

As you can see, all is well in Lansing Red Square as long as Snyder, Richardville, and Bolger, reinvent regressive ways to take more of our green.


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  1 comment for “The Arlen Specter Model for Hiking our Fuel Tax and Registration Fees

  1. Fred Britt
    March 10, 2014 at 4:57 am

    All this proves my point, all this so called recovery has put on backs of the Michigan tax-payer.
    My question is, if the roads are in such bad shape where the Hell has all the money been going?
    Who's pocket has it been funneled into? Get real Snyder, your just taxing the Michigan tax-payer to death. Like when I bought some tax sale property, there are so many extra fees tacked on to that now it's not even funny. Unlike when I bought property in 1997 when I just made them out a check for the price I bid and that was it. Now they want cash or a cashiers check. They let me use my credit card at 13%, how generous of them. Then they added on the last years taxes plus late fees, Talk about extortion. And what's this one and 5= bull. There has to a different answer when your dealing with the state. Must be a trick question!

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