Teaching Religion in Public Schools is ILLEGAL!! Get Secular Humanism OUT and Prosecute the Perps!!

Did you know the U.S. Dept of Ed is teaching your children Pagan religion?

1. Michigan Code: Act 451, Section 380.10 Rights of parents and legal guardians; duties of public schools.

“It is the natural, fundamental right of parents and legal guardians to determine and direct the care, teaching, and education of their children. The public schools of this state serve the needs of the pupils by cooperating with the pupil’s parents and legal guardians to develop the pupil’s intellectual capabilities and vocational skills in a safe and positive environment.”

History: Add. 1995, Act 289, Eff. July 1, 1996
Popular Name: Act 451

(Ref: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(i2oc5hfv52yotsbi4ye43p45))/mileg.aspx?page=getobject&objectname=mcl-380-10)

2. GEPA (the General Education Provisions Act of 1970), Section 432 specifically outlaws these programs by Congress and President Nixon.

Sec. 432. No provision of any applicable program shall be construed to authorize any department, agency, officer, or employee of the United States to exercise any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system, or over the selection of library resources, textbooks, or other printed or published instructional materials by any educational institution or school system, or to require the assignment or transportation of students or teachers in order to overcome racial imbalance. (20 U.S.C. 1231a) Enacted April 18, 1970, P.L. 91-230, Title IV, sec. 401(a) (10), 81 Stat. 169.”

(Ref: www.deliberatedumbingdown.com, abridged ed. pg.115.)

3. Denial of un-strung vouchers for parochial schools, using the Michigan Constitution’s Article I, Sec. 4 on religious freedom, which then defines how your religious freedoms are defined and hemmed-in, all the while teaching your kids Secular Humanism (look it up) in the public and charter schools against your will or knowledge, which is also against the very law they cite. Legal Quote: “No money shall be appropriated or drawn from the treasury for the benefit of any religious sect or society, theological or religious seminary; nor shall property belonging to the state be appropriated for any such purpose.”

(Ref: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(gtydll55hjegxpj5owm2zu3l))/mileg.aspx?page=getObject&objectName=mcl-Article-I-4)

4. Yet, “the U.S. Supreme Court cited Secular Humanism as a religion in the 1961 case of Torcaso v. Watkins (367 U.S. 488)” and our State AND the Federal Government continue to fund it with reckless abandon, using OUR TAX DOLLARS! (Ref: Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, Iserbyt, abr. ed. pg.38; Online Ed., pg.22.) Note: The Michigan Constitution was modified and ratified in 1963, AFTER this ruling. According to our agreement with “the Several States”, called the Constitution, we must abide by this decision. After all, much of legalities and the execution thereof come down to definitions, don’t they?

Why doesn’t Bill Scheutte do something about this?

For a more expanded commentary, see my notes section for “Building Commentary on Iserbyt’s Book: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/paul-peterson/building-commentary-on-iserbyts-book-the-deliberate-dumbing-down-of-america/10153078393691165

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  7 comments for “Teaching Religion in Public Schools is ILLEGAL!! Get Secular Humanism OUT and Prosecute the Perps!!

  1. Corinthian Scales
    August 5, 2014 at 10:11 am

    You know what? I'm in total agreement with you. I know, "it's like deja vu all over again" isn't, Paul? Get that John Dewey Communist Humanist Manifesto's normative moral relativism indoctrination garbage out of public education.

    For that matter, until tax-exempt religious orgs stop hoarding illegal aliens for a Reserve Note, f^^k them too!

    Officials with Wellspring Lutheran Services said last week that the nonprofit has secured a federal contract to provide short-term shelter to some children from Central America in Bay City and Farmington Hills.

    501(c)(3) parasites.

    That is fact.

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    • Paul Peterson
      August 5, 2014 at 11:23 am

      Not all "Lutherans" are created equal. Luther started the Reformation based on Biblical purity. The only Lutheran Church that continues that tradition today is the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (and it's member churches). ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) is nothing more than part of the Liberal/Progressive Counter-Reformation in that they follow every heresy found in politics today. Don't know Wellspring's affiliation, but some organizations try to lump all Lutherans together. I'd much rather deal with Thrivent than Wellspring from the sound of it.


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      • Corinthian Scales
        August 5, 2014 at 12:09 pm

        Frankly, it matters little what happy face is being painted on it or, other *religious* tax-exempt orgs wired into D.C., are extremely profitable: https://www.wellspringlutheran.com/news/539-gehm-sworn-in-as-chair-for-leadingage-a-national-association-for-aging-services

        Cultural Marxism is what it is... for gamed Reserve Notes.

        They may as well be the DNC's GOTV committee.

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      • Kevin Rex Heine
        August 5, 2014 at 1:44 pm

        For the record, Paul (and C.S.), Wellspring is an affiliate of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS).

        I'll go a bit further with ELCA and peg them as "lutheran in name only," as they don't even attempt to teach Scripture at all, let alone in truth & purity.

        C.S., I'm going to back Paul up here, and point out that, at least in Amerika, not all Lutherans are equal. You're not going to catch a WELS organization dabbling in this crap, as the synod has no interest in it.

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  2. KG One
    August 5, 2014 at 5:28 pm

    "Why doesn’t Bill Scheutte do something about this?"

    I honestly hope that you aren't expecting Schuette to do anything anytime soon now?

    I conducted a little "experiment" with that dullard not that long ago.


    Needless to say, he failed miserably.

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    • Paul Peterson
      August 7, 2014 at 10:57 am

      Would be nice if he did. However, more of a question to put in the minds of his voters, that is, if the post were to grow legs. Since it's not exactly viral, I guess ppl either do not believe the legalities I cite are true (why I provided references) or are just too lazy to look them up, put 2&2 together, and do something about it. (Oh, that's right: The schools have warped what that means. 2+2 doesn't necessarily estimate to 4 anymore. The very reason they do that is so ppl cannot think logically enough to put facts together into a big picture. Nice, isn't it?)


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