Still going round and round (and not getting anywhere in the process).

2020 SOTS.

This was more predictable than watching the 2020 DNC Presidential Debates. Just without the part where everyone tries to one-up each other by seeing who can give away the most stuff that doesn’t belong to them.

{Your first Right Michigan breakdown of tonight’s speech below}

If I were a gambling man (oh wait…I am, never mind), I’d say that our intrepid governor doesn’t play Poker.

Trying to dress the part to show some facsimile of being capable by ditching the Monica Lewinski dress for a poor cosplay version of The Terminator didn’t work for her tonight.

I say this because actually watching the rest of what passes for a speech, looking for something that is supposed to inspire people to believe that she has any type of leadership potential…well, it just wasn’t there.

She couldn’t make a convincing bluff in a million years.

From the flowery mentions of RINO Bill Milliken, to some LGBTIQ-crowd pandering, to some schmoozing up with her Muslim base by referring to a tradition that left viewers scratching their heads, this was thankfully a very short speech focusing on three topics: Roads, Education and Health Care.

The only exception during her entire speech came when she made a not-so thinly veiled reference to the “culture of discrimination” that exists in Lansing. She glanced over to the Republican side of the Chamber and was apparently looking for a certain Senator (Think Brent Kavanaugh fiasco, the next chapter). Fox 2 was rapidly grabbing camera angle after camera angle trying to find the Senator in question without success. Then came the crux of her speech.

The first portion was very predictable; Roads.

She claimed that “Plan A” didn’t get much traction and admonished the Legislature for their lack of proposed solutions. She couldn’t fathom why people weren’t jumping on the bandwagon and jack up Michigan’s Gas Tax 45 cents/gallon. If you paid close attention, she let slip that she also wanted to get funny with that pot of money and use some of that gas tax hike to backfill the school aid budget.


I can only surmise that she failed to recall this, this or even this.

She also failed to mention that not ONE MEMBER of her own party introduced legislation in either Chamber to raise the gas tax to her ludicrous amount.

Not one.

Go figure.

Now it onto “Plan B” for roads – Just borrow the money!

However, these will be roads of her choosing.

Hmmm, borrowing money to pay your bills?

Like, that hasn’t been done before.

And what can possibly go wrong with endlessly borrowing money?

Next up: Education.

Nothing much to pass along here. She made several vague mentions of post-secondary education. Admonished her daughters sitting in front of her for not filling out their government aid forms. She also announced that there was a $10,000 prize for schools who got the most students to sign up for that as well.

No word on where the $10k will come from.

The last portion: Healthcare.

Regrettably, this is the ticking timebomb that neither party in Lansing wants to tackle. The republicans don’t want to touch it because Syndercaid is threatened by the potential elimination of Obamacare because of President Trump’s actions to remove it once and for all.

No Obamacare = No Snydercaid.

No Snydercaid means that Lansing will have to deal with 600k+ Michiganians without a plan that shouldn’t have existed in the first place.
The democrats don’t want to lose a pool of dependent voters and the republicans will have to find another source of revenue in order to “save face” and not look bad.

Hmmmm, I wonder what THAT might be?

She also made several nebulous mentions of “women controlling their own health care”.

I cannot imagine what that is an allusion to?

It’s not as if they haven’t already signaled their position directly.

The next two years cannot go by fast enough.

You Betcha! (7)Nuh Uh.(1)

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