So, what could possibly go wrong here?

Just whose side are they on again, anyway?

Will this go into the goodies and new “rights” Gov. Whitmer will most certainly be espousing on tonight’s SOTS Speech?


This one is more about a certain team playing for the wrong side.

{More to follow below}

Certain elected officials with the letter “r” after their titles becoming more and more philosophically-confused regarding what type of legislation they should be introducing.

This week’s addition to that category is one State Senator John Bizon from the 19th District. Sen. Bizon has apparently drank the kool aid and introduced SB-517 back in September. SB-517 for those who haven’t heard, deals with establishing an exploratory committee to research the feasibility of implementing toll roads here in Michigan.

Looking for even more ways to lighten your wallet. You’ll thank me later!

Driving around America, I’ve dealt with toll roads first-hand in a number of states. Were I so inclined, I could have something on his Sen Bizon’s desk with about an hour’s worth of work for a significantly lower dollar amount the Michigan Senate just signed off yesterday.

But, I won’t!

I find the idea of making Michigan Motorist pay for something that they have already paid for (yet again) morally abhorrent.

Do I honestly need to remind anyone here about the republican gas tax hike and the republican vehicle registration increase from ’15? That was gleefully signed by one Gov. Rick Snyder?

And what do the polls say about where voters feel the money comes from?

The democrats would absolutely love another source of revenue to throw at that budget line item, but need to be publicly ambivalent about it given whom it would affect. Why make hard choices with your budget, when you can more easily just reach into someone’s pocket?

Initially, I had presumed that the bill would go into committee and subsequently get kicked out of just to make him happy and then sit around for the rest of the term gathering dusk in a corner somewhere.

That was a mistake.

During yesterday’s session in the Michigan Senate, SB-517 was approved by a 31-7 vote. Sadly, the democrats led the way with 4 “No” votes, compared to the 3 votes from republicans.

A quick shout-out needs to go to these Democrat State Senators Alexander, Hertel, Irwin and Santana for their “No” votes. The only Republicans to show any common sense here are State Senators Johnson, Runestad and Theis.

The bill now heads over to the Michigan House for consideration.

If anyone has an issue here, feel free to contact your State Representative (contact information here), along with Speaker Chatfield to let them know how you feel about the latest scheme to lighten your wallet.

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  2 comments for “So, what could possibly go wrong here?

  1. Corinthian Scales
    January 30, 2020 at 11:07 pm

    I see the thumbs down. No surprise here. It’s the same shit that’s been going on for over thirty/forty years. Gretch-bitch’s answer is bury this motherfucker another $3.5 Billion in the hole ‘cause her nasty vagina will be a rewritten memory.

    Shirkey, watch. Bad man. Chet, we’re good. Mike is want to be loved pretend TEA Party faggot in Michigan. Gretchen played Senate from day one.

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    • KG One
      February 5, 2020 at 1:15 am

      The thumbs down didn't really surprise me. Just how few of them there are. I must be slipping.

      Bizon and Shirkey's (or their people) are obviously miffed.

      We're not supposed to say anything negative here. Just happily smile and be a "team player" as they try to rationalize away yet another reason to reach into our wallets, rather than make tough budget choices.

      You Betcha! (0)Nuh Uh.(0)

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