Speaking of Deadwood

Go HERE, listen to this bizarre-o-land “Mike & Mike” smear job performed on Rep. Tom McMillin.

These rank-and-file Party apparatchik politicians never meeting a seat at the taxpayer trough they don’t like just make my skin crawl, anymore. Bishop actually passed the buck on the largest tax hike in the history of this state (not to mention also allowing the vote on the smoking ban), stammers around on the pension tax vote, endorses the Nerd’s performance of expanding SnyderCaid welfare, DRIC bridge, and Income Tax hike, all the while sitting there rubbing elbows with this jagoff that voted to fund Obamacare, and further crap like the Patriot Act, and CISPA. Ya, right, as if Rogers is all about national security? Despicable beyond “embarrassment”.

Mr. Wu, what says you about Bishop, and Rogers?



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  1. Jason
    May 5, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    Yeah.. I remember the smoking ban.

    Though I do not smoke, it violated the very premise of private property rights. It was an embarrassing thing to see any of our legislators go that way, but I guess it was a signal of things to come.

    It doesn't belong to you unless you own enough politicians I guess.

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