Something Messy In Mississippi?

Apparently 58K voters more voted in the runoff?MS-Primary

Now, I am not a big fan of voting fraud conspiracies, but given that 58,628 more voters voted in the Republican runoff than in the Primary, there are two story possibilities that can be told.


  1. That the Dems did INDEED come over as invited by the RINO Cochran and the NRSC. or,
  2. There was machine tampering.

Are we to believe that 78 percent of the Democrat voters in the primary became active again in the run off? Its a hard sell. And why would McDaniel’s numbers increase so substantially as well at the same time?

If machine manipulation is the applied way to rig an election, then it makes sense.

Certain machines would be pre-programmed increase both candidate totals to reflect identical demographic results.  Percentages that are not out of line with certain areas remain the same, raising no suspicion and only off (increased) a few votes here or there.

Imagine a 60-40 precinct, where only 50 votes are added; 30 for Cochran, 20 for McDaniel.  Results reflect the community sentiment exactly, yet offer the cumulative advantage overall.  Unless there is a hard count of people who walked in and voted, added to those absentees (assuming they exist in the runoff) that is compared and validated to the total number of votes, there would be no way to know.

And as voting machines have been shown as vulnerable to tampering, perhaps procedures should include such validation.

Otherwise, rationalizing the increase in McDaniel’s numbers by an amount 6 times that of the total votes of the spoiler candidate in the primary is necessary. Adding to this, the unlikely and incredibly high percentage of ‘crossover’ voters makes this near impossible.

Unless of course Karl Rove and the NRSC are only capable of turning out the vote when it is to screw a fellow Republican.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    June 25, 2014 at 9:10 am

    Oh c'mon, now... electronics are the way to go. If still in doubt, just go ask Lois Lerner. Wait, forget that - she ain't talking. Besides, anything else would be like suggesting that the whole damn Two Party system is scripted.


    .GOV is our friend. Bahahaha! Bahahahahahahaha!

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