Something A ‘Republican’ Michigan Governor Won’t Do

Christmas-govCelebrate Christmas.

Alaska’s governor Sean Parnell has traditionally had a Christmas Video out. The newest expected anytime

Titled “Seasons Greetings,” Indiana governor Mike Pence uses “Christmas” no fewer than 6 times in three full paragraphs. Add a “Blessing” or two, and we Definitely get the message!

Florida’s Rick Scott posts a “Christmas” message celebrating “.. a time to celebrate the blessings that are bestowed upon us and the birth of our Lord.”

My Goodness, Wyoming‘s SOS has “Merry Christmas” and a story to go with it right up on the state’s website. The Governor, Matt Mead even posts an audio “Merry Christmas.”

Maine Governor Paul LePage also posts an audio “Christmas” message for Mainers

Missouri governor Jay Nixon and his wife offer a very nice “Christmas Message”

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Donald Dunbar Have a Holiday greeting video to Guard troops that opens with a “Merry Christmas”

Tennessee governor Bill Haslem Wishes everyone a “Merry Christmas” and a bonus “Happy Hanukkah” openly on the front page of TN.GOV. Also seen here in this video:

Texas? Why Governor Rick Perry signed a law earlier this year, protecting ALL religious expression in schools, government buildings, etc. Called a “Merry Christmas” bill, it is essentially providing a hold-harmless to those who wish to express their “greetings” as they seem appropriate.

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