So You Think Its Over?

Were the words spoken on a 'hot mic' eleven years ago the end for the GOP presidential nominee?

Oh My Goodness, Donald Trump said some vulgar things!

Some Republicans think it matters.  All the Hillary supporters think it matters; yet stand and boo God, crap on police cars, promote police slaying,  blithely stand by while liberal women objectify themselves (caution link includes naked liberals –  prepare eye bleach prior to visiting) in protests, murder the unborn in numbers that never stop increasing, and call for equal standing of those who would marry the same sex, animals, or children.

Yet what Donald Trump has said; the disgusting NY machismo statements made to a [Bush family] television personality during a soap opera shoot over a decade ago, is the end of all paths presidential?  Maybe Barack Obama might think otherwise.

Oh, but that is not in it’s proper context dear reader.  It’s only the president in his former life reading his fabled “Dreams from my father ” work.  He is simply doing a reading ..of what he wrote.

But famous Republicans are calling him out right?  I mean Arnold Schwarzenegger is the real deal for crying out loud! The former governor of California, you know, that guy who respected his wife Maria enough to father a child out of wedlock.  And speaking of children, HAD a child bed?

“She claims she met Schwarzenegger in 1975, when she was a 16-year-old child actress on Little House On The Prairie.”

Arnie thinks the Donald’s verbal abuse of women is just too much?

I wonder if Michigan Lt. Governor Brian Calley, who in abject knee-jerk cowardice rescinded his endorsement of Trump, has appropriately turned on his brother for his brother’s alleged abuse of women?

“She said her daughter suffered broken ribs, collapsed lungs and abrasions.”

Yeah, Brian, kinda makes you want to jump right in to these things feet first?

But Paul Ryan, who has been all over the board on the Trump candidacy, doesn’t have such scandalous skeletons! And Ryan, the do nothing speaker of the house was just about to help ol Donald out!

For the first time.  Ever.  Wait.

Oh snap.

Naw..  That would never happen.   No self respecting Republican would ever sabotage the presidential campaign of its own party. Right?  Well, yes they would easily, if that campaign meant the loss of power for them.

To be clear, the establishment excrement eaters in both parties are jumping for joy.  This is surely a way for the queen of crime to ascend to the throne of the US and serve all manner of their special interests.

She has no interest in good governance, but rather the power the position brings.  And the brokers of such power are waiting for their capitulating little [criminal] puppet to close the deal.  For them it matters little which party or whom it is that holds the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, as long as they are given a spare set.

And they have the power and influence.  They have the media.  They have also convinced the ‘true conservatives’ that an impossible litmus test is still valid, and that fracturing the possibility of a Hillary defeat is worth the ‘principled’ and political Seppuku.

How could this newest development not be the end?

Perhaps by becoming the beginning?

Consider what even addressing this issue means to media, or others who use it for the advancement of Hillary’s campaign.  If the 11 year old comment is being brought up as an affront to women, does it not open the doors to other behavior by prominent figures?

What about the intentionally downplayed, and far more damaging misogynistic acts by Clinton’s husband Bill?  What about her own destructive efforts to destroy the credibility of those same women?

How can the discussion of this new breaking subject continue without the broader discussion that must necessarily happen?

pointingIt cannot.

The very path that seemingly led to the October surprise we all expected, turns back like the digits in the pointing finger saying.  Does not the one forward finger leave three pointing back?

To be more clear, it is hard to imagine the attention being placed on Trump for this (albeit vulgar) reference, as being anywhere near the sexual abuse or the alleged rape perpetrated by Bill Clinton on trusting subordinates, and others, or the subsequent personal destruction of those who reported it by Hillary Clinton herself.

How does the political environment report on one, without discussing the other?

So maybe there is a different question to be asked.

In this brave new world of progressive-think relativity, “which is worse, careless and repulsive verbiage, or intentionally abusive action?”



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  1. 10x25MM
    October 9, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    Wasn't Trump a Democrat when he made those choice remarks?

    From 2001 to 2008 he was a Democrat. In 2008, he endorsed Republican John McCain for President and officially changed his party registration to Republican in 2009. In December 2011, Trump became an Independent for five months before returning to the Republican Party, where he has pledged to stay.

    Was he just channeling Bill Clinton, the then leader of the Democratic Party?

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    • Jason
      October 9, 2016 at 6:04 pm

      That is very interesting..

      It is true that Clinton set the bar lower than it had ever been. Back then we made the argument that Clinton's activities were a game changer in the way women are treated.

      Fortunately, he has apologized, has pledged that he is not really that man, and we can move on. Lets see how he handles it in the debate.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      October 10, 2016 at 11:23 am

      Oh, spare us the Party affiliation BS.

      Men will be men, locker room talk is real and, some women out there use that patch of fur to obtain whatever it is they desire. Over a 125M copies of Fifty Shades of Grey sold back up that statement as truth.

      Deal with it.

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  2. JD
    October 9, 2016 at 7:59 pm

    ...I would wager that she'll hit him hard once again with something else tonight...wait...time something else similarly before the next debate...then so on until election day.

    The very best thing to come of all this?

    He is forcing (as the Tea Party failed to do) many Republicans to tear off their masks/play their hands in a manner that every future generation can (finally) learn from.
    Win or lose, DJT goes down in history as the greatest Republican candidate in history for just that one fact.

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  3. Jason
    October 10, 2016 at 8:48 am

    Trump cleaned her clock.

    From the pre-debate panel of Clinton victims, right on through substantial content.

    He actually looked like a leader when discussing the foreign affairs that this current schlep of a president and Hillary have so miserably failed at.


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  4. JD
    October 10, 2016 at 11:28 am

    "..Trump cleaned her clock."

    I would respectfully disagree.

    Any hope of Trump surviving the next month (in my opinion) hinges on his ability to both highlight Hilary 'while' delivering the most quotable paragraphs in American history **effectively leaving her in the shadows**. Americans are looking for a reason to not throw their vote away on somebody who will never win..period.

    (For me) It is akin to being pushed around on the steps of the Capital during Right To Work while loudly blasting out 30 year old Ronald Reagan recordings vs physically giving historically relative speeches of our own.

    Our kids will never look back to what happened last night and quote absolutely anything which transpired there no matter how necessary it was for Trump to deliver what he did (at least in part).

    Trump was even given the opportunity to illustrate the absurdity of both moderators debating a 'debatee' in real time... and passed. Do these teachable moments present themselves often?

    If you aren't getting to the very heart of what is wrong (for young people especially) in terms of the same riveting legacy-related speeches much more common/inspiring in the 18th and 19th centuries?

    It will be no wonder why the results of 2012 were pretty predictable (again).

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  5. JD
    October 10, 2016 at 12:07 pm the about a little 'assistance' from local and national Tea Party leadership as Trump takes fire from the very GOP leadership that they have sworn to "straighten out" and "change" for going on 8 years now??? Don't these TP local leaders/delegates/'whoever' possess the very knowledge which Trump desperately NEEDS at this moment to effectively counter their calls for him to step aside and to be viewed as the anti-establishment candidate NEEDED to win this election?

    Jason did a pretty good job of exposing what Grand Traverse Republicans are all about with the Miiliken what is being done by TPers in the balance of this state/country to 'help the man out' while GOP leadership (i.e.. Ryan) encourages EVERYBODY in the(ir) entire party to jump ship?

    Or better put...can any Michigan Tea Partier offer us even 'one' example of a damning but informative resolution which 'they' have came up with which is even MORE relevant than Jason's given the historic mutinies hurting Trump (possibly irrepairably) now afoot?

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  6. KG One
    October 10, 2016 at 11:06 pm

    I cannot add any more than what Jason has said above regarding Trump, except for this (and this doesn't exactly relate to Trump):

    If Lil' Guv cannot take the heat from the media wing of the HiLIARy campaign, exactly how will he conduct himself if(/when) he decides to throw his hat into the ring and run for guv?

    We Michigan Taxpayers (well, those of us still working anyway) have already had our pockets picked to cover up for the gross ineptitude of democratic-party ran local government in Detroit (i.e. Detroit Bailout, DPS Bailout, GLWA, etc.)

    When I contrast what was said (and in the context of when it was said) and compare that to where the candidates stand on the issues in November, it's pretty self-evident where the conservative vote should be next month.

    When he folds like a wet newspaper at what the press says about someone, will Brian Calley have the wherewithal to stand against the Detroit delegation up in Lansing when they come with a list of gimme-gimme demands in hand? Or the MDP delegation as a whole?

    Calley's most recent actions are an embarrassment to any "leadership" intentions he may have in a few years.

    He should consider a new career path once his term in office ends.

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