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So You Think Its Over?

Were the words spoken on a 'hot mic' eleven years ago the end for the GOP presidential nominee?

Oh My Goodness, Donald Trump said some vulgar things!

Some Republicans think it matters.  All the Hillary supporters think it matters; yet stand and boo God, crap on police cars, promote police slaying,  blithely stand by while liberal women objectify themselves (caution link includes naked liberals –  prepare eye bleach prior to visiting) in protests, murder the unborn in numbers that never stop increasing, and call for equal standing of those who would marry the same sex, animals, or children.

Yet what Donald Trump has said; the disgusting NY machismo statements made to a [Bush family] television personality during a soap opera shoot over a decade ago, is the end of all paths presidential?  Maybe Barack Obama might think otherwise.

Oh, but that is not in it’s proper context dear reader.  It’s only the president in his former life reading his fabled “Dreams from my father ” work.  He is simply doing a reading ..of what he wrote.

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Welcome To The Third World.

bananas-504478_1920I have been amused in the past when liberal Democrat demonstrations spark a chant of “This is what Democracy looks like..

No.  its not.

They have achieved the goals of their epic struggle against tradition, rule of law, and flat out decency and morals. It is NOT what a Democracy looks like.   This is what a Banana Republic looks like:

FBI Director James Comey has announced that Hillary Clinton acted ‘carelessly’ but committed no crimes with regards to her private e-mail server through which she conducted official government business.  Further, he announced there would be no charges filed whatsoever.  This is despite numerous criminal offenses being already known by the general public through a plethora of FOIA.  Officially, there is no longer any rule of law in this country.

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Ya Mon.

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