So What Then?

Can we expect our constitutional officers to do their jobs appropriately after this year?

What priorities will the new attorney general of Michigan bring to bear on the populace?

It sure as hell won’t be protecting citizens from an over reaching government. Except perhaps for those areas where ‘protecting’ means extending ‘rights’ that don’t exist outside of social norms.

All cultural ills aside, what about Michigan’s firearms protections?  What about keeping local feelings about whether or not it is appropriate to be able to defend oneself with a pistol?

Preemption in Michigan has always protected Michigan gun owners from the overtime efforts of ordinances, rules, restrictions, etc.  Theoretically, it provided protections for firearms possession by those with a CCW even in school environments up until the Michigan Supreme Court screwed the pooch.

The law still provides protections however, and the municipalities run by even the shadiest left wing whack jobs cannot even prevent firearms from being carried into council meeting environments.  That is, unless they are held in a bar or (now) a school.

But in January, priorities change.  The Democrats were able to elect the slate they have been pushing for 8-12 years, and what might have once been a state that respected law and order, will now revert to governance by emotion and fear mongering.

One liberal run city couldn’t wait to fire the first salvo. From Fox 2 in Detroit.

“We are not attempting to destroy your right to bear arms,” Davis said. “(We want to) put taxes on that ammunition and use those funds to teach urban American folk about the importance of bearing arms and how to become a responsible gun owner.”

A  take-away or two might be 1. Bullshit, and 2 it cannot work.

A tax on ammo represents a tax on a product already taxed by the state.  Proposal 2014 1 may be used as a basis (Local Community Stabilization Share Tax) to create the revenue generation, but because the state already taxes is as merchandise, it cannot be classified a a LCSST option.

Secondly, how to collect?  Good luck on that Detroit.  Internet sales, and purchases made outside of Detroit could not possibly be tracked. It is quite unworkable.

The problem however, will be the one or two people who somehow pay the tax will not receive the protection of the state on the first component.  If anyone thinks the ascending nutty lesbian AG will be On-Duty™ with regard to 2A protections for the next 8 years, that person might want to seek help as well.

How will this play out?

It’s anyone’s guess, but money sez unless it is an LGBTQXRFKGDOTKDDF issue, free medical and college rights, or resettling uncounted  illegals in a sanctuary state we won’t see any action to protect those who believe in the second amendment in our state.

Just sit back and watch.


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  2 comments for “So What Then?

  1. KG One
    December 3, 2018 at 6:40 pm

    Sucker bet!

    The real reason why the democrats running Detroit (back into the ground) want this to pass is because it is a threat to the fastest growing career field in "The D": B & E!

    Can't go and start messing around with their "livelihood" now, can you?

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    December 3, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    "It has to stop," said Reggie Reg Davis. "We must stop this. We can't continue to be a killing field." Davis' family has suffered tragic losses from the violence. "I talk about my kid brother Vito, I also lost another brother, Keon, I lost my uncle," he said.

    He said he was also sick of hearing about horrific shootings in Detroit daily. That's why Davis says he came up with the "Bullet bill."

    Ain't it funny how Reggie Reg comes to the conclusion that it's the bullets that are to blame in 80% black City of Detroit?

    Add to👆🏻that, this fool below, who doesn't realize it's already a felony to file a false police report.

    Metro Detoilet Michigan, it's a good place to be- from.

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