Shades Of Bob Bennett

Could the unexpected defeat of Eric Cantor foretell another conservative wave like the Bob Bennett race did in 2010?

gadsden-flagMichigan’s capitulating Republicans should take note.

In 2010 Bob Bennett was the first contemporary shot fired across the bow of ‘establishment’ Republicans.  His denial in the 2010 selection process served as a warning to those who capitulate a little too well with THE OTHER SIDE.  He was removed and replaced with a rock solid Mike Lee.

Since that that year’s drubbing of liberals, the importance of the tea folk has been ignored or belittled, as the GOP old guard attempted to take back the power they had only ‘loaned’ to the Gadsden waving conservatives.

One of the issues that is a hot button issue amongst the constitutional crowd is immigration reform.  Its not a problem that we have immigrants, but one of loading the system and the federal government not doing their job.  House majority leader Eric Cantor has taken a position favorable to immigration reform and amnesty.  It was likely the reason he fell.

Americans don’t want unchecked and lawless invasion. They don’t want to be made second class citizens to those who ‘break in,’ and assume there is a place at the table set for them.  Cantor apparently felt confident enough with his position when he would see things like this:

“Brat, who showed up when the gates opened here to shake the hand of every person he encountered, is considered a long shot Tuesday in the primary for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. Cantor’s campaign released an internal poll showing the congressman up 34 points.

That particular issue seemed to have flipped that race 45 points overnight.

Brat’s win not only showed a rapid move from expectations to an alternate ‘bizarre’ reality, but one of hope to the very folks who have been pushing against squishy Republicans across the country; and in one race a little closer nearby with Alan Arcand challenging Dan Benishek who has supported the leadership now being threatened.

Its a different state, but like the 2010 cycle and the Bennet Lee contest, there is a pleasant breeze in the air that holds a little hope, if not an outright promise of living in interesting times for some of the entrenched in power.

The tea is brewing.


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  1. Corinthian Scales
    June 11, 2014 at 10:36 am

    Isn't it fun watching all the Repubic shitbirds fold like cheap suits?

    Good luck with that, Bishop.

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