Say No To Proposal 15-1 Rally April 15

Opposing proposal 15-1 are the overtaxed citizens from BOTH sides of the spectrum.

Traverse City-Protest

Photo from actual Traverse City Protest.

It could possibly be an unusual gathering April 15.

Given the fact that most conservative Republicans and the left-of-center Democrats agree that the May 5th proposal is an unmitigated disaster, its possible they might actually walk side by side at 11AM in Front of the Traverse City Post Office on Tax Day. If one watches the polling results, follows through by reading the comments on the major media pro 15-1 shill attempts, one might walk away thinking the only the political class centrists are the ones who really really want this garbage.

Holding breath on working together? Not entirely.

However, what a treat it would be to shove this bad medicine down the throat of the cronyist Snyder and his milquetoast minions.  The mantra of there being “no plan B” is worn out already.  Putting taxpayers into a corner might elicit thoughts of the wolverine that is threatened once this play is done.  Higher taxes hurt the left as much as the right, and passage of this boondoggle is a constitutionally guaranteed increase of taxes every single year.

Where:  In front of Traverse City Post Office on Union and State St. 
When:   11 am till 1 pm or as long as you can.  April 15th tax day (Depending on size we may walk to the Parkway and Union St.)     Appropriate signs please.

If you are in the area on April 15 at 11AM, join 15-1 opponents to say NO to higher taxes.

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  1. Larry R.
    April 12, 2015 at 9:54 am

    This is a great way to get the word out on Proposal 15-1's shortcomings. Also, in an opinion from the Lansing State Journal, dated Mar. 28, I was interested to see that our current governor, "Rick Snyder told the LSJ Editorial Board recently that failing to pass the proposal would make the situation worse, as lawmakers will be less likely to forge a new package." This sounds like a veiled threat.

    The lawmakers will just let the people of Michigan suffer because they will not agree to pass legislation that pulls even more from their pockets? How will that help Michigan's economy? And the gas tax increase won't be immediately passed on to the consumer? This proposal is being sold as 'good as it gets', with the governor touting that lawmakers can't amend or create better. For themselves, or for Michigan taxpayers?

    How short is memory in Michigan to think that Proposal 15-1 is a legislative guarantee and not just another political promise with cracks already showing?

    Don't be fooled by the "one penny" jargon. That's one penny per dollar, and it adds up very quickly. I work very hard for my money. I ask lawmakers to work just as hard with my money, and they already take enough.

    Be wise. Stop and think before you vote. It's your money and your livelihood at stake.

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