Respect My Authoritah!

It’s almost becoming sad, almost, not quite but almost, to watch “That woman from Michigan” flounder around like a simpleton throwing strands of spaghetti at a wall trying to make anything stick, I mean like with her demographic pandering COVID Taskforce while not that long ago doing selfies mocking our great President Trump in her pink Black Genocide hat.

But I digress.

What really takes the cake now that Gov. Gretchen “Half” Whitmer has fallen out of VP contention with Joementia Biden stating he would pick Big Mike “in a heartbeat” over our beer-swilling ‘helicopter mom’ schoolmarm that’s become the butt of every joke told in this nation after trashing freedom loving Michiganians wanting their jobs and business owners their Right to Commerce back- is the pleading.

“We have a wonderful tradition in this country of being able to dissent, freedom of speech and being able to demonstrate, but we know that the stay-home orders across the country are working,” Whitmer said during a Monday press conference.

“My request was that at the national level they echo that call to stay home and (Pence) conveyed that that was something that they would do,” Whitmer said.

If that is not the death rattle sound of defeat, nothing is.

OK, exit question

Pick a side: keep cowering to failed Gov. “Half” Whitmer’s unconstitutional Stay-at-home or I’ll fine the-ever-loving-shit out of you and I’ll have my radical lesbian AG lawyerball your business out of business into bankruptcy or, join in with real freedom loving, take no shit from anyone, Americans?

There is not a morning that goes by that I do not thank God that Donald J. Trump is our President.

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  1. KG One
    April 21, 2020 at 2:39 pm

    Gov. Witless is damaged goods.

    The DNC knows that she's damaged goods.

    And the ones calling the shots behind the DNC want to make damn sure that they don't lose Michigan like in '16.

    Adding more fuel to the dumpster fire that is the Biden campaign, some of the people down at Solidarity Hall do have longer memories than people give them credit for.

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