Primary Recommendations

There are a bunch of contested primary elections on Tuesday.  It can be hard to find good information about these races.  What follows is my judgement about who is the best conservative for each position.  Recommendations are in bold.

District 1:  State senator Tom Casperson and former senator Jason Allen are attacking each other for voting to raise taxes, and both are correct.  General Jack Bergman is a solid conservative in the race, with a particularly good position on immigration.

District 10:  This one is tougher.  Businessman David VanAssche supports amnesty. State rep Anthony Forlini voted for Proposal 1, Medicaid expansion, and against Right to Work. Former state senator Alan Sanborn voted conservative in the legislature, but has raised almost nothing in this race. Senator Phil Pavlov voted right on Medicaid expansion, Proposal 1, and the Amazon tax, but wrong on the Hollywood subsidies. He also avoided discussion of Common Core for years before finally coming out against it. Businessman Paul Mitchell hasn’t held office and his positions aren’t clear on everything, but he earned a lot of goodwill for funding the opposition to Proposal 1.

Michigan State House:
20. Pastor Jeff Noble is endorsed by Pat Colbeck.
23. Trenton Councilman Bob Howey is endorsed by Right to Life and is running the strongest campaign is this vulnerable seat.
24. Macomb County Commissioner Steve Marino is endorsed by Right to Life and is running the most credible campaign.
30. no clear choice
32. no clear choice
33. Colleen Carl, daughter of the late senator Doug Carl, comes from a conservative family.
46. Businessman John Reilly nearly beat Bradford Jacobsen two years ago, and is back this year.  He is endorsed by Tom McMillin.
57. Bronna Kahle is endorsed by Michigan Right to Life and is running the most credible campaign in this vulnerable district.
64. County commissioner Julie Alexander seems to be a decent conservative.
66. County commissioner Beth Griffin, a Tea Party member, is endorsed by Michigan Right to Life.
70. James Lower is endorsed by the NRA.
72. no clear choice
77. Restaurant owner Tommy Brann is fairly conservative.
79. no clear choice
80. Conservative activist Abigail Nobel is challenging incumbent Mary Whiteford.
83. Conservative activist Shane Hernandez, an active Tea Party and GOP leader, is running.
85. Owosso Mayor Ben Frederick seems to be a good conservative.
86. Lawyer Katherine Henry is endorsed by Justin Amash and Pat Colbeck.
89. no clear choice
97. no clear choice
99. Township Trustee Roger Hauck is endorsed by the NRA.
100. Accountant/businessman Scott VanSingel is endorsed by Gary Glenn and John Bumstead.
101. County commissioner Curt VanderWall is endorsed by the NRA and is running the most credible campaign in this vulnerable district.
102. no clear choice
103. Daire Rendon is a clear choice over Vijay Kumar, who has been charged with sex crimes.
104. Former county commissioner and owner Jason Gillman was endorsed by the NRA over moderate incumbent Larry Inman.
106. no clear choice
107. State rep. Lee Chatfield has made a couple bad votes since ousting moderate Frank Foster.  But he is still more conservative than Kathy Twardy, who is backed by supporters of Foster.
108. Veteran Alan Arcand is solidly conservative, but may have trouble in this vulnerable district.

Input from conservatives across Michigan is welcome.

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  7 comments for “Primary Recommendations

  1. Sue Schwartz
    July 31, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    There is not one change I could make to your list.
    I'm still breathless that the idiots in Oxford, after years of corruption involving Brad Jacobson and his position on it's police authority, found it in their hearts to reward this guy. Jacobson's continuous bobblehead nods. allowed a dirty police chief, whose crimes made it into the congressional record for supplanting COPS grants, to continue for six years. The voters couldn't remember this mess? The feds made the Citizens of Oxford pay this money back, not the dirty police chief, nor the "Police Authority". Jacobson made it no secret he's a socialist.
    However, It was the shenanigans of this "authority" which taught me that authorities, no matter what should absolutely be barred from our government. Authorities are bait and switch operations with no accountability to anyone.
    Thanks for allowing me to vent!

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  2. JD
    July 31, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    Non-representative Authorities..Tax Increment Financing..the MEDC..Pension Obligation Bonds.."Foundations" taking over bankrupt cities/municipalities statewide...there were so many issues over the past 7 years and more which 'conservatives' chose not to wrap their minds around, Sue or (heaven forbid) rally against.

    Thank you for this list, CF. It will be interesting to compare what happens on Wednesday morning.

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  3. KG One
    August 1, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    CF, for not having anything to spend, Sanborn certainly has a lot of signs around the 10th District.

    Go figure.

    I'm still voting for Mitchell.

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  4. JD
    August 2, 2016 at 11:56 am

    Whether you authored the following commentary or not...why aren't we (heaven forbid) 'profiling' or 'labeling' candidates in this primary (as the following list promises)...or are we all so politically correct that we can't even manage to easily 'handicap' these races in a manner benefitting the 100% uninformed voter?
    I look down this list and see candidates in Western Michigan (at least) who everybody and his brother knows is certainly "establishment" and always have been.
    Not knocking the list...but where else is anybody doing this to at least give the uninformed voter a basis on which to begin their own research?
    The Tea Party in Michigan failed due to those being invited inside the country club walls refusing to relate to the rest of us what that atmosphere truly was all about or who (frankly) were the primary impediments to creating a transparent and open party. "Labeling" would have been just the beginning had this inside view of our candidates ever succeeded.

    From the The Western Right blog:
    The following lists district number, current incumbent, geographic description, 2012 and 2014 state house results, 2012 Romney %, and political rating. I did not use 'likely' in the general election ratings.
    ***Candidates are labeled as establishment (E), conservative (C), Tea Party (T), and antiestablishment conservative (AC), when these labels clearly apply. Candidates solely endorsed by Michigan Right to Life (RTL) are also noted***

    1. (Brian Banks) [Detroit] 29-71, 31-69, 23.5%, Safe D
    (D) Brian Banks won the 2012 primary before his long criminal record and ethical issues were exposed. He won a 2014 primary against divided opposition. This year, he again faces divided opposition and also new felony charges.
    2. (OPEN-Alberta Tinsley Talibi) [Detroit] 26-72, 33-67, 23.8%, Safe D
    3. (Wendell Byrd) [Detroit] 3-96, 3-97, 1.6%, Safe D
    4. (Rose Robinson) [Detroit] 5-95, 5-95, 3.4%, Safe D
    5. (Fred Durhal III) [Detroit] 6-94, 5-95, 2.7%, Safe D
    6. (Stephanie Chang) [Detroit] 5-92, 6-94, 5.3%, Safe D
    7. (LaTanya Garrett) [Detroit] 2-98, 2-98, 0.9%, Safe D
    8. (Sherry Gay-Dagnogo) [Detroit] 3-97, 3-97, 2%, Safe D
    9. (OPEN-Harvey Santana) [Detroit] 5-95, 4-96, 3.3%, Safe D
    10. (Leslie Love) [Detroit] 14-86, 18-82, 16.4%, Safe D
    11. (OPEN-Julie Plawecki) [Inkster, Garden City] 28-72, 30-70, 29.3%, Safe D
    (D) This seat is open after Julie Plawecki's sudden death. There will be a special primary August 30. Party insiders picked Inkster Councilman Jewell Jones for the full term.
    12. (Erika Geiss) [Taylor, Romulus] 25-75, 30-70, 29.5%, Safe D
    13. (Frank Liberati) [Southgate, Allen Park, Dearborn Heights] 35-65, 39-61, 40.3%, Safe D
    14. (OPEN-Paul Clemente) [Riverview, Wyandotte, Lincoln Park, Melvindale] 26-71, 30-70, 34.9%, Safe D
    15. (OPEN-George Darany) [Dearborn] 25-75, 32-68, 33.5%, Safe D
    16. (Robert Kosowski) [Westland, Wayne] 28-68, 32-68, 33.3%, Safe D
    17. (Bill Lavoy) [N Monroe, Sumpter, Huron] 39-61, 40-60, 45.3%, Safe D
    18. (OPEN-Sarah Roberts) [St. Clair Shores, Eastpointe] 34-64, 38-62, 40.7%, Safe D
    19. (Laura Cox) [Livonia] 60-40, 62-38, 52%, Safe R
    20. (OPEN-Kurt Heise) [Plymouth, Northville] 56-44, 60-40, 51.8%, Lean R
    (R) (Lean Nielson) Attorney Jeffrey Neilson, pastor Jeff Noble (AC), and Northville Township Trustee Chris Roosen are running.
    21. (Kristy Pagan) [Canton, Van Buren] 38-62, 45-55, 43.3%, Safe D
    22. (John Chirkun) [Roseville, E Warren] 30-70, 32-64, 36.2%, Safe D
    23. (OPEN-Pat Somerville) [SE Wayne] 50.5-49.5, 52.1-47.9, 47.5%, Tossup
    Pat Somerville won three close victories in this seat, which is the top D target.
    (R) (Likely Howey) Trenton Councilman Bob Howey (E/RTL) faces Michael Frazier and Mike Taylor.
    (D) Township Clerk Sherry Berecz, Parks commissioner Darin Calmilleri, Trenton councilmember Steve Rzeppa, and Elayne Petrucci are running.
    24. (OPEN-Anthony Forlini) [Harrison, N Clinton, SW Macomb] 54.7-45.3, 59-39, Lean R
    (R) (Likely Marino) Macomb County Commissioner Steve Marino (E/RTL), Arzo Smith, and Darrel Smith are running.
    25. (Henry Yanez) [E Sterling Heights, NC Warren] 48.6-51.4, 46.5-53.5, 47.8%, Safe D
    26. (OPEN-Jim Townsend) [Royal Oak, Madison Heights] 36-60, 39-61, 40.3%, Safe D
    27. (Robert Whittenberg) [Oak Park, Ferndale, Hazel Park] 20-76, 24-76, 24.8%, Safe D
    28. (OPEN-Derek Miller) [W Warren, Center Line] 21-79, 36-64, 35.8%, Safe D
    29. (Tim Greimel) [Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Orchard Lake] 23-77, 26-74, 23.9%, Safe D
    30. (OPEN-Jeff Farrington) [W Sterling Heights, Utica, SE Shelby] 53.3-46.7, 55-45, 51.5%, Lean R
    (R) (Likely Farrington) Diana Farrington (E), wife of the incumbent, faces Joseph Bogdan, Jackie Ryan, and Michael Shallal.
    31. (OPEN-Marilyn Lane) [S Clinton, Fraser, Mt. Clemens] 34-62, 39-61, 41.8%, Safe D
    32. (OPEN-Andrea LaFontaine) [Chesterfield, C St. Clair] 59-41, 62-38, 53.9%, Safe R
    (R) (Lean Hornberger) School board treasurer Pamela Hornberger (E), Michael Schmina, and Justin Tranchita are running.
    33. (OPEN-Ken Goike) [NE Macomb, Macomb Twp.] 62-38, 66-34, 56.2%, Safe R
    (R) (Tossup) city councilman Jeff Yaroch, Mel Koch, Colleen Carl (C) daughter of late state senator Douglas Carl (1986-1997), Julianne Cusumano, Chales Karafa, and Steven Stoll are running.
    34. (Sheldon Neeley) [Flint] 13-87, 9-91, 8.3%, Safe D
    35. (Jeremy Moss) [Southfield] 17-83, 17-83, 17.6%, Safe D
    36. (Peter Lucido) [Shelby, Washington, Bruce] 64-36, 70-30, 61%, Safe R
    37. (Kristine Greig) [Farmington] 38-62, 43-57, 40.3%, Safe D
    38. (Kathy Crawford) [Novi, Lyon] 59-41, 63-37, 53.6%, Safe R
    39. (Klint Kesto) [W West Bloomfield, Commerce, Wixom] 53.3-46.7, 52.3-47.7, 51.5%, Lean R
    40. (Michael McCready) [Bloomfield, Birmingham, E West Bloomfield] 57-41, 58-42, 52.8%, Safe R
    41. (Martin Howrylak) [Troy, Clawson] 50.5-49.5, 56-44, 51.6%, Lean R
    42. (Lana Theis) [SE Livingston] 63-33, 65-35, 60.2%, Safe R
    43. (Jim Tedder) [Waterford, Independence] 66-34, 58-42, 54.8%, Safe R
    44. (Jim Runestad) [Springfield, White Lake, Highland, Milford] 63-33, 68-32, 59.1%, Safe R
    45. (Michael Webber) [Rochester, S Oakland Twp] 56-44, 56-44, 55.9%, Safe R
    46. (OPEN-Bradford Jacobsen) [NE Oakland] 64-36, 69-31, 60.1%, Safe R
    (R) (Tossup) Bradford Jacobsen narrowly beat back a primary challenge 54-46 from John Reilly in 2014. This time, Reilly (AC) faces Joe Kent (E).
    47. (Henry Vaupel) [N Livingston] 64-32, 69-27, 62.5%, Safe R
    48. (Pam Faris) [NE Genesee] 36-64, 38-62, 39.8%, Safe D
    49. (Phil Phelps) [Flint Twp., Mt. Morris, SW Flint] 25-75, 26-74, 28.8%, Safe D
    50. (OPEN-Charles Smiley) [Burton, Grand Blanc, Mundy] 39-61, 41-59, 42.7%, Safe D
    51. (Joe Graves) [W Genesee, Fenton, NW Oakland] 54.3-45.7, 58-42, 53.1%, Safe R
    52. (OPEN-Gretchen Driskell) [W Washtenaw] 47-53, 44-56, 47.5%, Safe D
    This seat is open since Driskell, who beat an incumbent R in 2012, is running for Congress.
    (D) Road commissioner Barb Fuller and school board treasurer Donna Lasinski are running.
    53. (OPEN-Jeff Irwin) [Ann Arbor] 19-81, 18-82, 19.5%, Safe D
    54. (OPEN-David Rutledge) [Ypsilanti] 23-77, 25-75, 23.8%, Safe D
    55. (Adam Zemke) [Pittsfield, NE Ann Arbor, York, Augusta] 32-65, 32-68, 31.6%, Safe D
    56. (Jason Sheppard) [S Monroe] 58-42, 50.3-47.1, 50.6%, Lean R
    Jason Sheppard narrowly beat Tom Redmond in 2014 and faces a rematch in 2016.
    57. (OPEN-Nancy Jenkins) [Lenawee] 52.5-47.5, 59-41, 49.9%, Tossup
    (R) Senior center director Bronna Khale (E/RTL), Jim Cottrell, and Brian Good are running.
    58. (Eric Leutheuser) [Branch, Hillsdale] 70-30, 71-29, 60.1%, Safe R
    59. (Aaron Miller) [St. Joseph, E Cass] 62-38, 62-38, 54.7%, Safe R
    60. (Jon Hoadley) [Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Twp.] 26-74, 30-70, 26.8%, Safe D
    61. (Brandt Iden) [Portage, Oshtemo, Texas, Schoolcraft, Prairie Ronde] 58-42, 48.4-42.7, 49.1%, Lean R
    Iden, who hurt himself by lying about a DUI in 2014, faces a rematch with liberal pastor John Fisher.
    62. (John Bizon) [Battle Creek, Albion, N Calhoun] 42-58, 51.2-48.8, 43.8%, Tossup
    Dr. Bizon faces Calhoun County Commissioner Jim Haadsma in this dem-leaning district.
    63. (David Maturen) [E Kalamazoo, S Calhoun] 50.9-49.1, 56-44, 54.6%, Safe R
    64. (OPEN-Earl Poleski) [Jackson city, W Jackson] 56-44, 61-39, 51.2%, Lean R
    (R) (Lean Alexander) Jackson County Commissioner Julie Alexander, John Griffin, brother of the last D to hold this seat, and car dealer Phil Tripp are running.
    65. (Brett Roberts) [N Jackson, SE Eaton] 57-43, 57-40, 53.4%, Safe R
    66. (OPEN-Aric Nesbitt) [Van Buren, Cooper, Alamo, Parchment] 59-41, 57-43, 49.7%, Lean R
    (R) (Likely Griffin) Van Buren County Commissioner Beth Griffin (E/T/RTL) faces Greg Kolich and veteran Matthew Nilson.
    67. (Tom Cochran) [S Ingham] 44-56, 46-54, 44.8%, Safe D
    68. (Andy Schor) [Lansing] 23-77, 23-77, 24.6%, Safe D
    69. (Sam Singh) [East Lansing, Meridian] 35-65, 32-68, 35.9%, Safe D
    70. (OPEN-Rick Outman) [Montcalm, N Gratiot] 54.5-45.5, 62-38, 52.6%, Safe R
    (R) (Lean Lower) Former county commissioner James Lower (E), Alexander Gregory, Charles Mulholland, Jeremy Putansu, Dale Reyburn, and Michael Van Kleeck are running.
    71. (Tom Barrett) [Eaton] 46.6-53.4, 50.4-49.6, 47.3%, Tossup
    Tom Barrett beat dem state rep. Theresa Abed in 2014. She is back for a rematch in 2016.
    72. (OPEN-Ken Yonker) [Kentwood, Gaines, NE Allegan] 59-38, 68-32, 56.3%, Safe R
    (R) (Tossup) Teacher Ryan Gallogly, restaurateur Tony Noto, Bill Hirsch, Steven Johnson, and Robert Coughlin are running.
    73. (Chris Afendoulis) [Grand Rapids Twp, Plainfield, NE Kent] 64-32, 68-32, 60.9%, Safe R
    74. (Rob Verhuelen) [Grandville, Walker, Alpine, NW Kent] 66-34, 69-31, 60.4%, Safe R
    75. (Dave LaGrand) [central Grand Rapids] 24-76, 26-74, 23.8%, Safe D
    76. (Winnie Brinks) [peripheral Grand Rapids] 39-52, 45.6-52.1, 44.2%, Safe D
    77. (OPEN-Thomas Hooker) [Wyoming, Byron] 60-36, 67-33, 58.3%, Safe R
    (R) (Safe Brann) Restaurant owner Tommy Brann (E/C) faces Frank Murin.
    78. (Dave Pagel) [S Berrien, SW Cass] 61-39, 67-33, 56.1%, Safe R
    79. (OPEN-Al Pscholka) [N Berrien] 52.8-45.7, 59-39, 51.5%, Lean R (R) (Tossup) Realtor Ryan Arnt, teacher Kim LaSata, wife of former rep (1998-2004) Charles LaSata, Mary Brown, and Troy Rolling are running.
    80. (Mary Whiteford) [Allegan] 62-38, 63-34, 57.6%, Safe R
    (R) (Likely Whiteford) Mary Whiteford won a special election in March 2016 to replace expelled rep. Cindy Gamrat. She faces a primary against Abigail Nobel (C/T) this time.
    81. (Dan Lauwers) [NW, E St. Clair] 53.8-46.2, 65-35, 55%, Safe R
    82. (Gary Howell) [Lapeer] 59-41, 55-45, 55.1%, Safe R
    83. (OPEN-Paul Muxlow) [Sanilac, Port Huron] 56-44, 62-38, 52.5%, Lean R
    (R) (Tossup) Sanilac County Commissioner Justin Faber, conservative activist Shane Hernandez (C/T), and Matt Muxlow (son of the incumbent) are running.
    84. (Edward Canfield) [Tuscola, Huron] 38-53, 59-41, 53-43, 55.6%, Safe R
    85. (OPEN-Ben Glardon) [Shiawassee, W Saginaw] 54-40, 53-43, 48.9%, Lean R
    (R) (Likely Frederick) Owosso Mayor Ben Frederick (C/E) faces Shiawassee County Commissioner Hartmann Aue. Robert Cotrell, and George Sode are also running.
    86. (OPEN-Lisa Posthumus Lyons) [SE Kent, N Ionia] 70-30, 66-34, 63%, Safe R
    (R) (Tossup) Marine Thomas Albert, attorney Katherine Henry (C), Jeffrey Johnson, and Bartholomew Lower are running.
    87. (OPEN-Mike Callton) [Barry, S Ionia] 62-35, 67-33, 58.7%, Safe R
    (R) Ionia County Commissioner Julie Calley, wife of LG Brian Calley, is unopposed in the primary.
    88. (Roger Victory) [NE Ottawa] 87-0, 80-20, 72.9%, Safe R
    89. (OPEN-Amanda Price) [W Ottawa] 66-34, 68-32, 61.6%, Safe R
    (R) (Likely Lilly) Banker Jim Lilly (E/RTL) is the favorite over blogger Brandon Hall (AC), and Tracy Stille-Mulligan.
    90. (Daniela Garcia) [Holland] 100-0, 78-22, 66.5%, Safe R
    91. (Holly Hughes) [S, W Muskegon] 47.3-48.1, 46.5-46.3, 48.5%, Tossup
    Holly Hughes defeated dem state rep. Colleen LaMonte in 2014, who defeated her in 2012. LaMonte is back for a rematch in 2016.
    92. (OPEN-Marcia Hovey Wright) [Muskegon city] 27-73, 33-67, 31.3%, Safe D
    93. (Tom Leonard) [S Gratiot, Clinton] 57-43, 56-35, 52.9%, Safe R
    94. (Tim Kelly) [Saginaw Twp, E Saginaw] 56-44, 62-38, 55.7%, Safe R
    95. (Vanessa Guerra) [Saginaw city] 22-78, 24-76, 24.8%, Safe D
    96. (OPEN-Charles Brunner) [Bay] 31-69, 32-68, 45.3%, Safe D
    (D) Principal Brian DuFresne, former county commissioner Brian Elder, and county commissioner Donald Tilley are running.
    97. (OPEN-Joel Johnson) [Arenac, Gladwin, Clare, E Osceola] 62-38, 63-37, 53.2%, Lean R
    (R) (Lean Wentworth) Veteran Jason Wentworth, George Gilmore, Brian Johnson, Jacob Link, and Thomas Winarski are running.
    98. (Gary Glenn) [C Midland, N Bay] 59-41, 55-45, 56%, Safe R
    99. (OPEN-Kevin Cotter) [Isabella, W Midland] 57-43, 51.5-48.5, 48.1%, Tossup
    (R) (Lean Hauck) Township Trustee Roger Hauck and realtor Robin Stressman are running.
    (D) Bryan Mielke is running again after coming close in 2014.
    100. (OPEN-Jon Bumstead) [Newaygo, Oceana, Lake] 62-38, 63-37, 55.5%, Safe R
    (R) (Likely VanSingel) Accountant/businessman Scott VanSingel (C/E), John Wilterink and Dan Eley are running.
    101. (OPEN-Ray Franz) [Leelanau, Benzie, Manistee, Mason] 51-49, 50.4-49.6, 50.7%, Tossup
    (R) (Likely VanderWall) Mason county commissioner Curt VanderWall, Mark Walter, and Cary Urka are running.
    102. (OPEN-Phil Potvin) [Wexford, W Osceola, Mecosta] 54.8-45.2, 60-40, 56.3%, Safe R
    (R) (Tossup) Veteran Jason Briscoe, Manton Mayor Michelle Hoitenga, party official Ormand Hook, and Morris Langworthy, who came close in 2010 and 2004, are running.
    103. (OPEN-Bruce Rendon) [Kalkaska, Crawford, Missaukee, Roscommon, Ogemaw] 52.8-47.2, 60-34, 55.9%, Lean R
    (R) (Likely Rendon) Daire Rendon (E/RTL), wife of the incumbent, faces self-funding doctor Vijay Kumar, who has been charged with sexual abuse.
    104. (Larry Inman) [Grand Traverse] 57-43, 53.2-46.8, 55.4%, Lean R
    (R) (Likely Inman) Inman (E) won the Republican primary in 2014 with 21%. He is being challenged by former county commissioner Jason Gillman (AC).
    105. (Triston Cole) [Antrim, Charlevoix, Otsego, Montmorency, Oscoda] 67-33, 63-37, 58.5%, Safe R
    106. (OPEN-Peter Petallia) [E Cheboygan, Presque Isle, Alpena, Alcona, Iosco] 52.2-45.3, 55-45, 53.6%, Lean R
    (R) (Tossup) Cheboygan County Commissioner Sue Allor, David Chandler, Chamber of Commerce official Jackie Krawczak, and Benishek staffer Jesse Osmer are running.
    107. (Lee Chatfield) [Emmet, Mackinac, Chippewa, N Cheboygan] 58-42, 61-39, 55.5%, Safe R
    (R) (Likely Chatfield) Lee Chatfield (C/E) defeated incumbent moderate Republican Frank Foster in the 2014 primary. Supporters of Foster are backing Sioux Sioux Ste Marie City Commissioner Kathy Twardy this year.
    108. (OPEN-Ed McBroom) [Delta, Menominee, Dickinson] 54.6-45.4, 60-40, 54.6%, Tossup
    (R) Veteran Alan Arcand (AC), Beau LaFave, and Darryl Shann are running.
    109. (John Kivela) [Marquette, Alger, Schoolcraft, Luce] 42-58, 34-66, 45.4%, Safe D
    (D) Kivela was arrested for 'super drunk' driving last year. He is being challenged by Marquette City Commissioner Sara Cambensy.
    110. (Scott Dianda) [W Upper Peninsula] 48.4-51.6, 39-61, 51.6%, Safe D

    Safe D: 47
    Lean D: 0
    Tossup: 8
    Lean R: 17
    Safe R: 38

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    • Conservative First
      August 3, 2016 at 2:43 am

      I'm not sure I understand your comment. I write these articles because there is so little information for average voters about state elections. It's hard for me to find information, but I try to figure out where the candidates are coming from and who is credible and who isn't.

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  5. JD
    August 3, 2016 at 6:11 am

    Again, no knock on the list itself (you're but one person)...yet "E" (establishment) as the single most helpful label offered seems to be missing next to most candidate's names. Even Glenn has no description. I also have difficulty discerning who TeaPartiers are (by definition) as opposed to anti-establishment conservatives and plain old conservatives. A Tea Partier 'used' to be somebody asking me to donate...yet not necessarily willing to discuss shared sacrifice, pension obligation bonds or show up at even their own events (especially those causes which might get 'hairy' like Right To Work).
    Now that the election is over, might it be helpful to sort out who all these people are/'were' and why they fared the way that they did in an attempt to analyze the political landscape more effectively?
    In other words, shouldn't readers be analyzing/commenting or heaven forbid 'profiling' for the benefit of the rest of us (mainly you) vs knowing full well that this list is anything but accurate in the single most important manner?

    If we have 3 different labels for those who choose to buck the establishment...perhaps this is why the establishment was never 'bucked' (perhaps we could add: "Y" (young candidate who hates 'mute' old voters who feign simple math skills as related to their grandchildren's future")

    ***Candidates are labeled as establishment (E), conservative (C), Tea Party (T), and antiestablishment conservative (AC), when these labels clearly apply. Candidates solely endorsed by Michigan Right to Life (RTL) are also noted***

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    • Conservative First
      August 5, 2016 at 8:30 am

      I mostly didn't label incumbents, who can be judged by their voting records. A Tea Party candidate is someone who is active in a Tea Party. Not all conservatives are. The Tea Party label isn't really helpful these days, so most candidates don't advertise this. I certainly welcome information from local readers.

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