Perfect Example of why Conservative Americans Always Lose to the Progressive Left

Ingrid Jacques

Nicole Neily, the founder of Speech First, says she brought a similar case against the University of Texas in December and another suit is forthcoming.

“Sadly, there are many problems,” she says.

So credit the president for shining a light on a very real problem. But that’s where his involvement should end.

“There are terrible environments at many schools, but there are huge dangers that go with any federal effort to police expression,” says Neal McCluskey, director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom.

Whoa-Whoa-whoa-whoa, not so fast there, Ingrid.

Quoting the Cato Institute, Ingrid? You mean the ‘institute’ that’s funded by these parasitic Never Trump Billionaire brothers? How about them apples, folks! Nothing like having the Kochs running primary candidates against us and our President’s America First agenda because when it comes to the Cato Institute Koch brothers all that matters to Liberaltarian principles is open borders, cheap labor and, trade policy that decimates middle-class Americans.

Trump indicated the order would apply to institutions that accept roughly $30 billion in annual federal research dollars — a more narrow impact.

Yet if Trump were to broaden his order to include any college that accepts federal funds, including the $150 billion in annual student aid, that would expand its reach to nearly every campus, public and private. Only Michigan’s Hillsdale College and a handful of others nationwide refuse any form of government money.

Isn’t it interesting that Ingrid brings up Hillsdale College? Well, for one thing, Ingrid got a degree there. It’s just a damn shame that while Ingrid was at Hillsdale, she never spent any time learning about Post-1960s Progressivism. And that’s the real trouble with folk like Ingrid Jacques when they’re handed such things as “Oakland County’s Elite 40 under 40” awards- they start believing their own BS.

President Trump is right about the possibility of an EO because our courts are stinking with exactly what Dr. John Grant talked about in his lecture at Hillsdale College.

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