Odious has a Face

After spending months trashing good folks like State Rep. McMillin, and U.S. Rep. Kerry B., we voters are treated with this.

Good God. What a useless double-chinned sack of excrement.

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  1. October 4, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    Mr. Sandler is an unprincipled, perfidious scoundrel-for-hire whose "consulting firm" (Decider Strategies) has on its client list the Michigan Republican Party and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, among others. Unlike damn near all of the other hired guns in the republican consulting class in this state, who at least require payment before they'll play dirty, Stewie engages in the politics of personal destruction for no other reason than that it pleases him to do so. And you can bet your sweet bippy that those desiring our national committeeman's ouster two springs from now already have this douche canoe on a lucrative retainer for said specific purpose; not that he'd need one for that mind you, but the bills don't pay themselves.

    Sandler's not so ignorant as to actually believe his own spin job here, but he likely wants the sheeple in the party's rank and file to believe it, perhaps desperately so. With a gubernatorial general campaign that's been a statistical dead heat since Primary Day, a senate general campaign that's been a "democrat lead" since a week after the filing deadline, at least three "iffy" republican congressional seats, a very realistic chance of losing control of the lower legislative chamber, a vulnerable attorney general, and God only knows how many county commission seats in danger of flipping blue, the party brass are reaching armpit-deep into their bag of tricks for anything that'll get recalcitrant grassroots activists to toe the party line long enough for a November win. Coming up with nothing else useful, they settle for the "you're either with us, or against us" bifurcation fallacy, in this case a variant of the "lesser of the two evils" canard.

    The reality, as has been hinted at by K.G., is that -- depending upon the partisan contest in question -- there're potentially six other options besides the "pachyderm vs. jackass" dichotomy. Four of the options involve minor parties, one other involves independent candidates with no party affiliation, and the last is the "selective abstention" that's becoming increasingly popular of late. All of this scares the bejeebers out of the party bluebloods, who were counting on the insurgency generally cooperating just long enough to eke out a win narrow enough to provide them with plausible cover for their continued bifarceisanship, yet keeping them in control of the various levers of power.

    The problem for the old guard is that the constitutionalist insurgency isn't populated by the low-information types so easily swayed by conventional methods of opinion manipulation (or even high-tech methods such as social media). Rather, as I've pointed out multiple times before, these folks are engaged, informed, and not only well aware of all of their options, but also quite capable of rationally thinking through the logical consequences of each. Refusing to support milquetoast progressives in the general election (especially ones that spent the entire primary campaign peeing on the grass, if you will) isn't the same thing as openly working against them, and the activists know the difference, no matter how much the party's paid smear artist wants us to believe otherwise.

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  2. October 6, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    Stu Sandler is an unethical piece of trash who should be disbarred. As you may recall, he was the one who "negotiated" with Geoffrey Fieger on behalf of Mike Cox when Cox was investigating Fieger and Fieger was about to release the info on Cox's cheating. Stewie was in charge of trying to get Fieger to keep the lid on it. He's a scumbag and not bright at all. He also helped Mike Cox cover up Muslim Medicaid fraud and birth tourism, and then the two of the cooked up a scheme to let the offenders leave the country and THEN issue arrest warrants for them so Cox could go on O'Reilly and pretend he stopped a problem he allowed to happen, which continues to this day. Stewie is a scumbag who sold out his country and would sell his mother to a Muslim pimp for sex if there was something in it for him.

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