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  1. KG One
    December 27, 2015 at 11:12 am

    Cue the glycerin tears.

    Here come the cameras. Now remember what we've rehearsed. You're on!

    "He was a good boy. Done nuthin' wrong. I can't believe that he's gone. I'm gonna miss 'em"

    Cue emotional breakdown of family member.

    Man, this is becoming so predictable, I can write this myself.

    The ambulance chasers won't be very far behind. Don't be surprised when Fieger or some other bottom feeder announces a multi-million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Dearborn.

    OABTW, notice the man in the tan suit standing behind the family during the report?

    His name is Sam Riddle.

    He is a community agitator (and former paramour of Monica Conyers) who interjects himself into events like this.

    He is also an abject failure in just about everything he gets involved in. Which means that unless a good lawyer steps up, this story will be long forgotten just before February.

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