2015-2016 Legislative Scorecard Available Soon

scorecardTruth be told, there aren’t many things to be happy about from Lansing this year.

We have budgets that include unbelievable payola to the political patronage players, unsustainable liabilities, and new taxes jammed down our throats to pay for it all.  The Republican brand is being destroyed by a cancer within, and those who ‘serve’ us have become addicted to the ‘crack’ of campaign assistance.

Where will your supposedly conservative elected official rank?



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  1. Corinthian Scales
    December 28, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    Truth be told, the era of the "scorecard ranking" was shot in the ass about a half decade ago. Only the most testicular deficient Cuckservative would not recognize this truth about Republicans.

    A unanimous vote for Bolger as Speaker after his and Schostak's involvement with electioneering a pothead Progressive just to maintain a seat? Unanimous vote for the creepy fraud that is Kevin Cotter? In the so-called "upper chamber," the installment of SML Arlan Meekhof Richardville v2.0? Electing the Magic Underpants clan's Little Ronna the Party chair?


    Furthermore, those who allege they are for limited government, fiscal responsibility and bray about it in a droning bleat are factually useless as tits on a boar when they are the one's who endorse despicable losers like Paul Ryan, who has an atrocious voting record, which was already vetted in 2012, and not to mention Ryan's push for amnesty in 2013. F*** you, Justin.

    Also, to note the games being played in CD-1, we have Tom Casperson, Jason Allen, and maybe Pete Pettalia, vying to replace this phony Medicaid billing schmuck? F*** it, I'll leave that part of the ballot blank. And no, I have zero reason to doubt the authenticity to the inside baseball aspect of the little twinks detnews.com article. Sure, he's an effete, vain Millennial loser who appears to only be able to muster up dates with Rosie Palm and her five sisters, however, he's wired into those in the apparatchik trenches. In other words, losers of a feather cuck together.

    Bottom line, all the above are suck-asses. That is the Party. Always has been.

    So, feel free to keep shooting yourselves in the foot and fapping to "scorecards" but, do recognize this - the vulgarians are coming - and we are pissed.

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